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Online Sweetheart drops on iTunes

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Mutt, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. Stinkfist Full Member

    Always on sky-hhhhhhhype.

    She's my fer-shirt.


    Possibly one of the meatiest pieces of shit ever recorded. I love the auto-tuning and horrible lyrics. It came off like an attempt to redeem the girl after her horrible songs on the show. But it is just terrible. She is using Benji for fame and he is destroying her with his schtick.

    Her fifteen minutes are almost pegged.
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  2. ps197nyc Full Member

    I hate this song. the besherk part is stuck in my head. but I have to admit this girl is gorgeous. Cant fault benjy for going for it. Nothing, and I mean nothing is worse than wanting a woman and she doesnt find you attractive. This chick is going to hurt poor benjy bad. And I sincerely hope i'm wrong.
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  3. Legitimate Beef Full Member

    Music is sacred and when people like Benjy and this girlfriend of his try to use it for attracting attention and fame and advancing their own pointless self-absorbed agendas, people who clearly have no actual love for music, it really burns me. It's soulless. It's rape. Music still means something to some people. :mad:
  4. PeanutButter11 Full Member

    That's a pretty good air punch, but not as manly as the The Duke's
  5. Geme2005 Full Member

    That punch broke bubba's nose and he was still better looking than benji with all that swelling
  6. nearly.normal Full Member

    and the greatest rock and roll albino evar.. Edgar Winter (although some may argue it's not a Keytar without a neck)

  7. JUST1COMMENT Full Member

    She's no Nancy Sirianni
  8. Limo Wreck Full Member

  9. osteenq Full Member

    Other than pursuing her in spite of that and letting her make you her pet bitch.
  10. sdsickboy Probationary Member

    She looks pretty hott.
  11. 85punkrock Full Member

    If that happened to me, I would quickly grab the top sheet from my bed and tie it to the nearest rafter and hang myself. ;)
  12. biggybob Full Member

    yes she is!
  13. PrinceOfAllBlks Probationary Member

    This song makes Rebecca Black sound good!
  14. droops42 Full Member

    What does Vin Disel's dick taste like Benjy?
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  15. Worlock Full Member

    It's catchy fershert,
    just like Herpes and dirt
    I wouldn't have it as a ringtone,
    if I was the last guy on eart.
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  16. singerman2005 Full Member

    OOOHHH the pain of it.. Make it stop ..
  17. TarotbyTara Full Member

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  18. cmass Full Member

    The song 'dropped' with a thud, I think.

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