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****pics From Sfrt 6-22-06*****

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Beet4President, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Beet4President Full Member

    HEY NOW SFN......

    Just got back from my 5th SFRT....DAMN i fucking love the show and joining Mutt.

    First off Mutt thanks for the invite as usual....secondly thanks to Jason for the great tour of the studio.

    I think everyone in that room had great chemistry Mutt, ran things smoothly cutting ETM off was hysterical and your errra errra was killer.
    Pugs glad u could get on SFRT before u move outta town you did great, good point and good delievery.
    Boots great points, thought he was gonna ask Jon Hein about the size of this penis (said he would before show started) you always ask great questions to the quickie interviews

    KOAB i know you are in here and the listening thread reading this.....i thought u had some decent points tonight and you were not screaming over people at all, but it seems SFN was not too happy with ur i said YOU HAVE TO POST HERE !!!

    i know u read this but people would love to talk to ya and talk shit out and tell u how they feel. POST SOMETHING HERE

    Here are the pics i took enjoy......thanks again for having me on
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  2. Beet4President Full Member

    waiting for security to sign me in i see David Lee Roth waiting for an elevator....i said a few things to him, made some small talk about radio and asked him when he was coming to Sirius....he laughed it to take a few pics with him....very nice guy
  3. Beet4President Full Member

  4. ba batrainwreck Full Member

  5. Beet4President Full Member

  6. Nursegrrl8 Full Member

    what a great encounter! haha

    You look buff beet.
  7. Beet4President Full Member

  8. lisaslisas

    lisaslisas SFN Gold Supporter

    ok, pics coming up now, thanks beet!!!!!!!
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  9. gribnack Full Member

    Great pics.
  10. Beet4President Full Member

    mutt.....firrrrrrrrrrrr em up
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  11. Beet4President Full Member

    beet4pres & boots
  12. Beet4President Full Member

    Mutt, KOAB, Beet4pre, Pugs & Boots
  13. Beet4President Full Member

    Mutt setting SFN account for KOAB & Jason
  14. Beet4President Full Member

    pugs and beet4pres posing with mic
  15. LISA C.

    LISA C. SFN Gold Supporter

    Nice! Thanks for the pics., Beet. :hw:
  16. Beet4President Full Member

    KOAB & Jason walking to Howard studio area
  17. Beet4President Full Member

    beet4pres posing in front of Stern Studios
  18. Beet4President Full Member

  19. Beet4President Full Member

    out side stern studio
  20. Beet4President Full Member

    thats all i gots people....hope u enjoyed
  21. Scott114 Full Member

    Tell us about the wall.
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