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Pics of expelled HS cheerleader

Discussion in 'Hot Chick Pics' started by artiespancakes, May 28, 2009.

  1. artiespancakes

    artiespancakes Closed by User

    STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A sophomore at St. Joseph by-the-Sea High School has been expelled after pictures of her nude, and semi-nude in school attire, surfaced last week.

    The girl, a 16-year-old junior varsity cheerleading captain at the Huguenot school, took about 60 photographs of herself and e-mailed them to a student at St. Peter's Boys' High School in New Brighton, the sources said.

    These are from 2007, I just found the link there are 37 pictures, no nudes
  2. ajn116 Full Member

    Nice find
  3. Bezeau_13

    Bezeau_13 Closed by User

    why don't you post the motherfuckers on this site? I aint trying to click that link and get arrested, beeitch.
  4. KyMd Full Member

    Looks like she likes to take pictures of herself.
  5. abercrombie9701 Full Member

  6. artiespancakes

    artiespancakes Closed by User

    I thought about posting them, but I am way too lazy right now to post 37 pics, so go fuck yourself.
  7. Uglimusashi Full Member

    it may be 60 but alot of them are the same shot over & over
  8. PocketAcesDMB Full Member

    how can i see the other ones :(
  9. stealthman

    stealthman SFN Supporter

    I need to sign up for high school again.
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  10. Uglimusashi Full Member

    Neither are you, but that wouldnt stop me from probing your stinkhole :ass2mouth
  11. wvsarafan

    wvsarafan SFN Gold Supporter

    I fucked her.
  12. cal!guL.A. Full Member

  13. don fredo

    don fredo SFN Gold Supporter

    what a slut.
  14. Vello Full Member

    She is almost perfect. I would give her a 9. Very flat tummy, small waist, great tan, no tan lines. She looks better from front that back.

    Expulsion was to severe. She was not on school property or time. Some bully could beat up your child at school and not get expelled.

    Would it make any sense to charge her with child prono and give her prison time. There is currently a girl on trial for child porno for sending nude pics to her bf.
  15. dabears Probationary Member

  16. PocketAcesDMB Full Member

    what is the other password for the other set of pics
  17. artiespancakes

    artiespancakes Closed by User

    I dont know the password. I saw the nude ones on a website right after it happened but they took them down after they realized she was 16. They were pretty explicit, she was fingering herself and using a toy in some. Too bad she wasnt 18 those were meant to be seen. On another note, I hope I never have a daughter.
  18. PocketAcesDMB Full Member

    Anyone who can find the other ones will be GOD
  19. Wingnut19 Full Member

    You're thinking about a different expelled cheerleader. This one, she's hot, here are the pics. BTW she's a college cheerleader so it's not child porn. NSFW!!
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  20. dee bo Full Member

  21. artiespancakes

    artiespancakes Closed by User

    yeah that chick is pretty damn hot. the ones I saw were of the 16yr old though, they were on celebri-net but that site is down now. shes 18 now so she needs to take a fresh set.

    here is a consulation prize

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This is not a generic banner. These are the actual Vivid girls who are live now.