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picture of Janet Jackson's fat ass ----------

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by GReenSTernDAy, May 28, 2010.

  1. GReenSTernDAy Full Member

    anyone have this ?
  2. jasonbandy Full Member

    i thought it was funny that they thought it was genetic or didnt know where it came from since she was so skinny.. there was a period of a year or so when she was with dupri when she was fat as fuck

    fat ass:

  3. GReenSTernDAy Full Member

  4. Jettie12 Probationary Member

    She has a lumpy ass.
  5. Cap420 Full Member


    imagine the cocoa butter mixed with ass and vag smell that exists beyond those poor sweatpants.
  6. Toronto Tom Full Member

  7. Karate Man Full Member

    That's a shame...
  8. GReenSTernDAy Full Member

    oh shit, thanks bro ...
  9. BenBas Full Member

    Good Lord what happened to her????

    she needs to drink Robin's juice concoction!!!! :toung2:
  10. jasonbandy Full Member

    try google, it helps
  11. Dawg

    Dawg Closed by User

  12. My Balls Itch 2

    My Balls Itch 2 Closed by User

    Remember that episode of Good Times where she played the role of Penny, the girl whose mother abused her with lit cigarettes? Good Times was a very fucked up show with all that socially conscious stuff. Michael being into black power and stuff. I liked when JJ had that rubber chicken on his head- that's what the show should have been about. "Dynomite!" Not about child abuse. Like I said, a very fucked up, disturbing show.
  13. TheMierArmy Full Member

    Wow... Thats robin fat
  14. Cap420 Full Member




  15. chibchakan Full Member


    Fast forward to 1.24. Shes got some tukis [IMG]

  16. GetThePoisonOut Full Member

  17. LessMoonbeams Full Member

    steatopygia ?:booty:
  18. Dean Wormer Full Member


  19. Shawkur Full Member

    Its not fair for Howard to judge fat, obese, disgusting pigs like Janet Jackson and Crystal Bowersox when they have to compete with his schoolgirl fantasies of Robin.
  20. bonghitbobby Full Member

    janet jackson looked hot on American Idol last night, she has ghetto booty, you fags like those skinny 12 year old looking bitches.
  21. zice Full Member

    She looks good to me, but I'm a schvoogie. We like 'em like that.
  22. Kam Umruk Full Member

    She used to be so hot! Dayum how hard they fall....
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  23. pi nate

    pi nate SFN Supporter

    Who doesn't gain weight when they age? She used to have a smokin' body.

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