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Piers Morgan Rips On Howard On Fallon's show

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Uncensored, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Uncensored Full Member

    Morgan says he was an AGT judge "when the show was successful" and then mocks Howard for claiming he was going to find world class talent and then having a "stupid dog act" as the winners.

  2. SGT. HOOKER Full Member

  3. mcopley Full Member

    I'm still a fan of the radio show, but AGT was not good at all, I couldn't watch him fake laugh for an hour. Fish out of water performance.
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  4. Puncher

    Puncher Closed by User

    Hilarious! and true..."world class talent"..yea right. I wonder how Howie feels being ripped on by somebody with a British accent.

    "When the show was successful"...classic! Love the picture with the "dog act" know there was some "show prep" on Fallon's part getting that picture ready.
  5. BOXofROX Full Member

    That was just know Piers was just waiting for an opportunity to rip Howard.

    And you know something? Howard deserves it. His blustering about how he will find real talent is coming back to haunt him. Howard has egg all over his face.

    I still can't get over it..A dog act!!...How embarrassing
  6. T-BALLGAME Full Member

    Dog act was HORRIBLE!!!! Piers is Actually right on this one...Still a douche, But right on this one!!
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  7. HarryKeogh Full Member

    Did you see the other videos this YouTube user posted?

    No wonder Howard has security. Lots of butt-hurt weirdos with too much time on their hands running around the world!
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  8. SGT. HOOKER Full Member

    Yup and I remember Howchie telling Piers he will ba a much better judge & that Piers new interview show will be a failure.. :jj:
  9. ginaccc Full Member

    Yeah, uh, whatever became of Piers Morgan? He's on what show? On what station? And his ratings are what? Oh yeah. Typical, trying to start with howard :hail: so he can get some attention. LAME. :dance: :cheer:
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  10. ginaccc Full Member

    and BTW, howard did not personally pick the dog act. America votes. Howard said Earth Harp guy should win. Or tom cotter. So don't blame that dog act on howard. And they did find some good talent this year. :dance: :cheer:
  11. Puncher

    Puncher Closed by User

    The greatest tool every Stern "sheep" has...deflection. "What happened to Piers?" "What show is he on?"

    I don't watch CNN, but last time I check Piers was STILL on...and we are talking AGT ratings here..and under Pierce, the show was #1 for the whole summer and didn't lose to various sporting events and re-runs. So stop the deflection and defend Howie and AGT..if you can :dance::cheer:
  12. Uncensored Full Member

    Piers is looking mighty smart, he bailed on AGT the year after a 10% ratings increase and let Howard take the fall for the 30% decrease this year.
  13. SGT. HOOKER Full Member

    You're so naive...Cotter is a Fuckwald client. It's called "conlict of interest" in legal terms, silly. :rolleyes: :jj2:
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  14. Uncensored Full Member

    A couple of weeks ago you said the talent sucked this year and that's why the ratings were down.
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  15. SGT. HOOKER Full Member

    Yup, and Sharon knows Greedy Howchie is ruining the show that's why she's jumping ship too...:showoff:
  16. SGT. HOOKER Full Member

    Hey I see you're using the cute little smilies too! YAY!! :jj: :wavespin: :showoff:
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  17. mcopley Full Member

    I'm glad Piers said it for the sake of Howard getting all pissed off on the radio, right where we like him.
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  18. HarryKeogh Full Member

    Yeah, Piers interview show is a runaway success!

    Piers Morgan’s US talk show on CNN is facing an embarrassing climb-down after viewing figures dropped to the worst levels the network has seen in at least 21 years.

    When the prime time show replaced Larry King’s 9pm slot 18 months ago audience figures trebled. But after a successful few months, numbers have tumbled to a record low.
    In May, figures for Piers Morgan Tonight dropped to their lowest in 15 years with only 39,000 viewers in the key 25-54 demographic tuning in to watch the former Daily Mirror editor.
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  19. ginaccc Full Member

    Smilies rule! :dance: :cheer:
  20. Puncher

    Puncher Closed by User

    Tom Cotter...oh, isn't that Buchwold's client? No wonder Howie wanted him to win.
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  21. ginaccc Full Member

    I wouldn't know, I don't watch Piers. I only know I keep hearing that he's the lowest rated show on CNN. So he has some nerve talking about howard :hail: who was #1 in viewers all stinkin' summer! :dance: :cheer: :wavespin: :showoff:
  22. SGT. HOOKER Full Member

    It's called a "slow build"...100 Million will watch, silly.. :jj: :showoff:
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  23. ginaccc Full Member

    So what. If it was a conflict, he wouldn't have been on the show. Tom Cotter was funny! :rofl: :jj:
  24. SGT. HOOKER Full Member


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  25. ginaccc Full Member

    Talent did suck! That Youtube show was the WORST! :eek: But they did find some talented people! :dance: :cheer:

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