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"Pink Slime"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Polesch, Mar 29, 2012.


Would you avoid eating something if you knew it contained pink slime?

Yes. 16 vote(s) 61.5%
No. 10 vote(s) 38.5%
  1. Polesch Probationary Member

    These stupid and ignorant rants always gets me riled up, to the point where I have to get the shit off my chest. Robin started talking about "Pink Slime" in her news segment yesterday, both Robin and Howard obviously speaking against it, in a derogatory and disgusting manner. They also mentioned the chemical they used to make it, ammonium hydroxide, as if that's something terrible. I don't care how they approach food in their private life, but the way they use the radio to condemn something they know nothing about is just wrong.

    Do you know that there used to be a time were food couldn't be wasted? A time when people actually ate the animals they bred? You waste a lot of money when you kill a cow just for the beef, and producers are not very interested in such a business model. Most of the western world are very spoiled when it comes to food, most people won't eat intestines; maybe in sausages. And you will only eat skin in the form of bacon. This also includes me.

    I do not agree that we should throw away the rest of the animal, it might sound disgusting to eat this tissue, intestines and pieces of bone, but it's not bad for you. Ask Richard's dad what he eats from the animals he slaughter?

    Everything that isn't first class meat, and other parts of the animal is ground up into paste. This paste is then washed thoroughly with ammonia, according to FDA regulations, as a preventative measure against E. Coli and other bacterial risks. Ammonia is the safest chemical we know that is also an antibacterial, it is naturally produced in the human kidneys to neutralize acids, it's also produced in the skin when we sweat. Ammonia is also used as a baking powder in bread and cakes, mostly in the northern European areas. (Sodium bicarbonate is a cheaper alternative used in the US, that doesn't add any flavor).

    Pink slime is used in about 70% of meat products in the US, it tastes good, and has important nutritional value. I don't care what Robin say about her vegetarian nonsense, she'll probably get cobalamin deficiency in a few years. Meat is healthy, meat is good for you, meat has many important amino acids and vitamins, most of which you can't find in vegetables and fruit (especially dangerous for children). Everything in moderation.
  2. dogcow Full Member

    are you new? that is robin on any given day on any given subject.

    america's most uninformed newswoman
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  3. dogcow Full Member

    and fwiw i love pork rinds
  4. Milk Is Cow Full Member

    paid meat man hack!
  5. jtheweirdo Full Member

    Can you please tell me the "important nutritional value" pink slim has?

    Whether you are cool with it or not, its fucking filler. Why pretend it is anything other than that?
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  6. mcopley Full Member

    Everybody can't have "prime cuts" we're over populated. But why ammonia? It's obvious Amercans won't go buy a cow tongue, but if they disguised it in the burger nobody would notice. They can do this without ammonia can't they?
  7. mcopley Full Member

    Plus alot of fast food used to be made of soy products as fillers, then they went the extra mile and made artificial soy, what gives!
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  8. NC-Stern-Mark

    NC-Stern-Mark Closed by User

    It's not filler, Its 100 percent beef, otherwise known as lean meat trimmings.

    I also advocate using the entire animal. Nose to tail baby, its all good.
  9. jtheweirdo Full Member

    It is filler. It might be made out of scraps of beef but it is still filler.
  10. NC-Stern-Mark

    NC-Stern-Mark Closed by User

    Look, I'm not going to defend the product but its not filler, its 100% beef. Filler is 100% not beef.
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  11. mambojambo Full Member

    Faux News is 100% filler and a lot of people like that.
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  12. jtheweirdo Full Member

    Again, never claimed it was anything but beef cow but it is still a filler. Its made out of the shit that would normally get trashed. Its a beef byproduct.

    I'm not even trying to trash it, just calling a spade a spade. Its mixed with ground beef muscle to expand it or fill it out. So a pound of ground beef can make 10 patties instead of 6.
  13. blargy

    blargy SFN Gold Supporter

    Mark is correct, it really is just finely ground beef. The whole story is something made from nothing. If we look hard enough at everything we eat, we'd have nothing left to eat.
  14. dogcow Full Member

    they can irradiate it (which is perfectly safe) but that freaks people out even more ,for whatever reason.

    and tongue sandwich is good
  15. NC-Stern-Mark

    NC-Stern-Mark Closed by User

    Its mixed into ground beef for two reasons. One is it lowers the cost of the product because they are getting more yield from each animal and two is, it lowers the fat content of what its added to, because it is 100 percent lean beef.

    I don't particularly care for it or advocate it but it has been around for a long, long time. Far worse things happen in the making of or processing of ham turkey or sausage.

    When I make burgers I prefer using 80/20 chuck anyway.

    The bottom line of this is ground beef prices will rise and 3 plants that produced the trimmings have closed. About 650 people are out of work because the media trumped the ick-factor of a harmless and benign product. Although the protein content of the trimmings was not as high as the all-muscle cuts, it was still all-beef.

    Hopefully they can sell it in high-end pet-food and reopen the plants.
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  16. NC-Stern-Mark

    NC-Stern-Mark Closed by User


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  17. Monster_Zero

    Monster_Zero SFN Gold Supporter

    Beef tongue is delicious, but try and find one. You gotta got to a butcher shop because megamarts don't stock them. You might find a freezer burned hunk of garbage, but not a nice fresh tongue.
    Try it, you'll like it.
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  18. Monster_Zero

    Monster_Zero SFN Gold Supporter

    Must have been...

    I cook mine one of two ways, much like a corned beef... either hot and fast in a pressure cooker, or low and slow braised in the oven.
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  19. Reverend Tyler Full Member

    There's a Mexican ranch market up in Phoenix that sells fucking EVERYTHING. They actually have the entire damn head of a cow with the tongue sticking out that you can buy.

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  20. mingmen Full Member

    so they can sell the scraps to you instead of paying to throw them out
  21. jtheweirdo Full Member

    The 1990s is when "pink slim" was invented. Hardly a "long, long time". Glad to see you finally agree its a filler, lowers the cost of ground beef because takes less actual ground beef to make the final product sold as ground beef.
  22. jtheweirdo Full Member

    Around here you can get beef tongue at the local Pathmark. Or at least you used to, I haven't looked in a while but when I worked there in highschool (the 90s) they sold fresh tongue and tripe.
  23. jenn4703

    jenn4703 SFN Supporter

    I have to agree. I try to eat healthy and teach my kid healthy habits. I'm not a nazi about it, he is allowed to eat junk food in moderation, but I count myself lucky as he loves fruit and veggies. He even likes spinich and asparagus. The spinich actually got him in trouble in the lunch room a couple months ago because a fat kid about twice his size was making fun of him for eating it, by all accounts the fat kid would not leave him alone, teasng him endlessly throughout lunch until my son flicked a forkful at him and hit him in the ear with a blob of spinich. My son and the fat kid had to eat lunch at "the silent table" for a week. My son says it was worth it.

    I don't condone this behavior. Well, not in front of my son, anyway. :sneaky: :inlove:

    My point is that we have bigger eatng issues in this country than pink slime. The fat kid brings his lunch to school because the school lunch does not fill him up. 2 sandwiches, chips, thermos of soup, 2nd thermos of kool-aide , Little Debbies, and on and on. This kid just turned 9 and will kill himself with garbage long before pink slime does.

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