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Pittsburgh Anchorwoman with Big Jugs

Discussion in 'Old Chat' started by PickleLoaf, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. chibchakan Full Member

    Anybody else remember when this chick called to ask Howard for a interview? Howard wouldn't do it unless she did it wearing lingerie or in a bathing suit.

    Katie McGee (WCBS-TV)

  2. Bababong

    Bababong SFN Supporter

  3. Bababong

    Bababong SFN Supporter

    God Dammit I was looking for that mother fucker it was supposed to be a thread.
  4. PuckFair Full Member

    who's that broad on abc in new york? she's pretty hot
  5. PickleLoaf Full Member

    Kristine Sorensen screen grabs

  6. Tarpon1965

    Tarpon1965 SFN Supporter

    Ken Rice aka Frankenstein
  7. hendrix5150 Full Member

    here is a hot news girl my buddy sent me from his area !!

  8. jkj Full Member

    All these anchorwomen are hotter than in my area
  9. PickleLoaf Full Member

  10. Bud

    Bud SFN Gold Supporter

    Jill Nicolini is the new traffic girl on the WB11 morning news.

    She also did a playboy spread that I'll post in adult when I have more time.

    These are pics from her web page. She's got some nice cans.

  11. drjohn Full Member

    she does traffic on a local station?...whichever one of the producers for that station got her, is a real smart guy
  12. The Truth Full Member

    Sorry guys, I have to throw in a Sonni Abata picture.


    oh man.

    she looked better as a blonde, but she is looking real good today.
  13. Master Dlobo

    Master Dlobo Closed by User

    Hey newbie, bumping old as shit threads are frowned upon here. Come up with something original and new. :rolleyes:
  14. SantosLHalper Full Member

    agreed, cicely tynan is a hottie...dawn stensland on fox aint too shabby least from the waist up
  15. mr_omerta Full Member

    Sonni Abata is gorgeous, I think she dates a Penguin so you might have a chance. They aren't making too much money these days.
  16. Luther Full Member

    When it comes to big jugs, I do not mind seeing old threads bumped/
  17. lando da pimp Full Member

    Julie Bologna was the best. The traffic girl Trisha Pittman is hot as well.
  18. Haroof Full Member

    Lauren Sanchez out here in L.A. is definitely one of the hottest I've seen on tv.

    I'll have to find a pic.
    • This user has been removed from public view.
  19. lando da pimp Full Member


    Trisha Pittman.

    Not the best photo but she is hot.
  20. Madbandit Full Member

    Re: Re: Pittsburgh Anchorwoman with Big Jugs

    Marisol does the weather/light stories on Good Morning America: Weekend Edition.
  21. rumhead Full Member

    Virginia Kerr, Channel 4 news in St. Louis.



  22. Bud

    Bud SFN Gold Supporter

    Re: Re: Re: Pittsburgh Anchorwoman with Big Jugs

    I put up the pics in adult a while back.
    Search the site for Jill Nicolini and you'll find them. :jerk:
  23. elmamador Full Member

    She is not that hot!
  24. Bud

    Bud SFN Gold Supporter

    Whatchu talkin' 'bout Junior?

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