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Private File Sharing

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Mutt, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Mutt


    I have lots of digital rips of my DVDs. I'd like some sort of private torrent tracker that I could use to share these movie/TV rips w/ my family. (I'm tired of burning DVDs & copying shit to thumb drives) Essentially I want them to be able to browse what I have & choose to download something from me. I'd like them be able to share their rips with me as well.

    so, what options are out there? what do you guys use?

    before you give me shit or call me a pirate, these are movies I paid for and before I ripped my DVDs, I would loan out the actual DVD to the family & friends. I don't consider this any different.

    I use shared Dropbox folders and though I have lots of space, my friends and family do not. This means I can share a folder with them but I can only put 1 or 2 things in it at a time. then they have to move them out, let me know, & I can add the next file. for big files, it's less than perfect & I need to be way too involved.

    Bittorent is alpha testing their So Share App. with this you select a file or folder to share & then invite friends. they install the app & can then see the files in your share folder. then they can download them using torrent tech. as far as I know, it's private and only the people you invite can see in. This used to be a desktop app but now it's a browser plugin. All files are cached in the cloud. Seems like it would be good for sending a big file but not good for sharing a whole folder w/ tons of files. I'm testing the new browser plugin now. ( INFO | INFO )

    you can do this same sort of thing with uTorrent itself (INFO) but the person on the other end needs utorrent installed. I think using the share app would be simpler for my family. it's very stripped down w/ very few buttons or options.

    Bittorrent is currently alpha testing Bittornet Sync. it's sort of like a dropbox that uses torrent tech to sync folders across multiple computers without anything being in the cloud. I set it up at home & added a folder. now I've set it up at work & it's grabbing my home files right now. it's cool and since it doens't use the cloud, there aren't any file size restrictions. this wouldn't really do what I want because it would send them ALL my movies instead of letting them selectively download which isn't practical. (INFO)

    I haven't setup an FTP server but it seems like this could be an option. then I could send them a link & login that they could open in their web browser. Here's a youtube video explaining the process.


    I've installed MediaFire but haven't done anything with it. it's exactly like dropbox but you get 50GB for free so it might be easier for me to send family more stuff at once. I don't have an opinion of it yet.

    Google Drive has integrated w/ Gmail (INFO) and in theory you can email people files up to 10GB> Ive tired it and NOBODY has been able to actually download these google drive files after I've attached them to a gmail. not even me when I tried sending myself one. I have no fucking idea what I'm doing wrong but I'm not going to bother trying again.
  2. Mutt


    I'm re-installing utorrent share right now & it's installing as a browser plugin instead of a separate program. i'm sorta confused by it but will check it out. looks like it's now called SoShare.

    I set it up & send a test file to a friend. it immediately said uploading. before it didn't do anything until someone downloaded. huh, guess this isn't going to do what I want anymore but still might be handy.

    where the fuck is it uploading to? why can't I find any info about this thing?
  3. Mutt


  4. Ignatius Reilly Full Member

    thats a good idea.
  5. asshat13 Full Member

  6. TorontoAtHome

    SFN Staff

    I would set up an FTP. Easiest solution. For them: right click - save as. Done.
  7. Mutt


    bittorrent torque labs has a couple things being tested. beamitover & paddle over seem interesting but w/ both you have to install / set it up just to see how it works. anyone use either? (INFO)
  8. Mutt


    that would work for them getting shit from me but I'd really like it to be more communal w/ a group of friends / family sharing.
  9. TorontoAtHome

    SFN Staff

    With FTP they can upload as well... You just need to grab a NAS with tons of storage.
    I am setup with a tower running as a NAS server with 6TB in it. I have my guest network set up so my neighbour can watch stuff of my NAS on his WDTV. Using a Netgear R6300 with 1KM broadcast range.
  10. Mutt


  11. Mutt


  12. Mutt


    I love WDTV. does it stream from FTP to the player? can he access it over the net or via your wifi?
  13. Mutt


    hell, I want something like Plex that I can invite friends in on. i'm gonna try out myPlex & see what that's like
  14. APdeliveries Full Member

    Dropbox works ok, you can drop files into it and whoever you send invites to can access your files if they download Dropbox on their phone or computer. Dropbox.com

    You get 5 gbs for free, can get up to 8 if you get others to sign up, or you can pay for more storage if you wanna be able to share more then 3-4 movies at a time depending on size
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  15. APdeliveries Full Member

    Depends on upload speeds, if mutt has badass Internet it can upload up to 20 mbps, maybe more?
  16. TorontoAtHome

    SFN Staff

    Access via wifi. Never tried to enter via FTP. I would think you would be able to point the WDTV Live at a web address for FTP...not sure how that would work. I have never played around with the settings.
  17. mochinist

    mochinist SFN Gold Supporter

    Your family must be more tech savvy than mine if you think theyll be able to handle any of this. I still have to show some of mine how to work their dvd players when I see them. :jj2:
  18. Mutt


    no, I'd need to make it real easy. if it could look like netflix & just have a link for them to click, that would be perfect

    mine do however handle playing stuff on their WDTV units w/ a thumbdrive
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  19. Mutt


    so far I've had no problems using dropbox to send them shit but that's me getting the file & giving it to them. was just trying to take me out of the loop & let them pick & choose from a bigger pot.
  20. Mutt


    I seup bittorent sync around 1p today w/ a folder that had 30GB worth of shit in it. now it's 6p & 23GB of it has synced. it's not fast but the software is still in the alpha stage so I'm not worried about it.

    to be fair, my work internet where the files are syncing to is slow as balls so that's probably a bottleneck.

    in comparison my dropbox account only has 12.4GB which is a lot compared to most so slow or not, I like that the sync lets me put huge shit in there.
  21. Ralph'sCunt

    Ralph'sCunt SFN Gold Supporter

    I kinda tried to give a shit since it's the owner of the site and everything, but nothing.

  22. shinerod Full Member

    Pirate Bay
  23. TorontoAtHome

    SFN Staff

    Far too many trackers and files monitoring what you are grabbing. Newsreader/NZB on encrypted connection ftw.

    Sick Beard
    Couch Potato

    Everything is set up to feed to 6TB NAS automatically after download. I rarely have to manually search for any movies or TV shows. They are downloaded in the background and just show up when the quality I want comes available. Watch from either Playstation...one in the bedroom one in the basement or you can watch on the AppleTV, iPad, iPhone, one of three laptops or one of three towers. All being fed through the house by an R6300 from Netgear. This also feeds to my neighbours house if we want to watch a movie or show over there. Huge broadcast range and more speed than I can use for watching or transferring files.

    No more torrents.

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