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PROBLEMS - let Mutt know here

Discussion in 'The New Site Q&A' started by Mutt, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Mutt


    What isn't working?

    editing posts
    homepage is blank
    staff doesn't see the ban links

    by the way, i marked all conversations as read. just now (3:38pm 1/3/11) to give us a clean start. all new conversations will show up unread.
  2. Two Balls Full Member

    Whenever I post in a thread I can no longer view that thread. Each and every time I get an "SFN Error" page instead. What's up with that?

    And Mutt, if things continue that way I probably won't be able to view your response in this thread because I won't be able to access it after posting in it. Ha, a paradox!

    Maybe PM me if I'm doing something wrong?
  3. Two Balls Full Member

    Hmmm. I discovered that if I click on a thread that displays the error message and then hit "refresh" on my browser I can then view the thread.

    Might be a problem on my end -- especially since no one else seems to be bitching about it.
  4. jwc2 Probationary Member

    My JWC account is listed as Closed by user. Can that be switched back to member status. I am unable to log in and fix it.
  5. jwc2 Probationary Member

  6. Tomcat2

    Tomcat2 Closed by User

    Can't edit user name?
  7. Franklin

    Franklin Closed by User

    Mutt fix your pixelated avatar.
  8. Jack Mehoffer Full Member

    Hey Mutt, this was your response in another thread, so I'm bringing it here. So, yes I started a thread and when I click Edit -->More Options --> it allows you to edit the text but not there is nowhere to edit the title.
  9. Mutt


    Thanks I'll figure it out
  10. Mutt


    I can make it so you can but we never let people do it before. Why do we need it now?
  11. Mutt


  12. Mutt


    Nah the site occasionally has issues & when it does something won't load. I'm not sure why yet but I assume simply moving servers will handle it. It may be that the site was overly busy.
  13. JWC Full Member

    Thank you!
  14. Tomcat2

    Tomcat2 Closed by User

    I can make it so you can but we never let people do it before. Why do we need it now?
    Somehow i am stuck with my real name. Not the end of the world but i would like a user name instead!
  15. Tomcat2

    Tomcat2 Closed by User

    Maybe the user name should go thru an approval process if someone wants to change it. I did not even see an option to create one when i logged on to new site so i had to use what automatically came up!
  16. Mutt


    jim, i'm waiting for you to tell me what name you'd like to use.

    by the way, how did you end up entering your real name? I just double checked & even if you use the facebook login to create an account, it does NOT import your name which means you had to consciously enter it. what were you thinking? anyway, let me know ur new name & i'll change it
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  17. TorontoAtHome

    SFN Staff

    The 30/30 was turned back on and now affects all new members and members that have been with SFN for less than the 30 days.
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  18. DaXX Full Member

    mutt when you go on tapatalk for android and search SFN it comes up with

    "Stern Fan Network - test"

    having the word test there does not look very professional... i dont know where you set that but somewhere you have it as "test"
  19. Mutt


    I'm still tweaking the new way we handle probationary members. info can be found here

    when you sign up you are under probation for 30 days & 30 posts. during the time you will not be able to do everything that other members can do. i've removed the 30 minutes between posts & the can't start threads restrictions but added all posts are moderated which means the staff gets a chance to see the post before it's public.

    if you couldn't start a thread, that's an issue that will be resolved
  20. Mutt


    yeah, i set it up when it was a test & didn't get back there yet. thanks for the reminder
  21. Maschine Zeit Full Member

    a couple of users seem to be stuck in Time Out. they were originally only sentenced for 2 days prior to the site shutting down. can you look into letting Super Mario and macktheknife72 out? thanks!
  22. BigPoppaJerome Full Member

    I downloaded the Taptalk app for iPhone solely for SFN, everything works fine, but it shows "-test" in the titlebar for the forum. No biggie, but thought you might want to know. Good job on the site BTW
  23. BigPoppaJerome Full Member

    Yea, maybe I should have scrolled up. I'm a re-re-retard.

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