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Protesters hit home of Hoag doctor who opposed hospital abortion ban

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AlGreenDogg, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    As they say, "if you can't take the heat, get yo' ass out the kitchen". This dude straight up asked for it, and so he got it. You got to love the youth for leading this demonstration.

    Protesters hit home of Hoag doctor who opposed abortion ban

    Outside Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach last week, demonstrators gathered to voice their opinions about the hospital's decision to halt elective abortions. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times / June 20, 2013)
    By Lauren Williams and Jill Cowan
    June 28, 2013, 6:07 p.m.
    About 50 to 100 antiabortion protesters wrote messages in chalk and shouted slurs outside the home of a Newport Beach obstetrician who was one of the doctors to oppose Hoag Hospital’s decision to eliminate elective abortions.

    The protest late Thursday outside the Dover Shores home of Dr. Richard Agnew, a Hoag Hospital-affiliated physician, was led by a group of protesters who mostly appeared to be in their early teens and wrote messages in chalk that included "neighborhood serial killer" and "This house was built from blood."

    Paula Durnian, a longtime neighbor, said she found the protest to be "really out of line."
    "I'm a firm believer in freedom of speech, but this was a disturbance of the peace," she said. "We had to clean the street because they chalked the most horrific things."

    Katharine Agnew, the doctor's wife, called the demonstration "very disturbing."
    Hoag halted elective abortions shortly after forming a partnership with Catholic health provider St. Joseph Health System. Hoag said the decision was based on low demand for such abortions and that the hospital had performed fewer than 100 a year.

    But records and interviews show the decision was closely tied to the Newport Beach hospital's partnership with St. Joseph.
    The California attorney general's office, which approved the alliance in February, is now investigating whether Hoag Hospital is doing enough to ensure that there are accessible alternatives for elective abortions, especially for low-income women.

    The office is also looking into whether Hoag officials were accurate in reporting that the hospital did fewer than 100 elective abortions each year.
    Kathrine Agnew said doctors such as her husband objected to Hoag being deceptive with physicians about providing women's healthcare. She said the issue with them isn't one of abortion rights.
    "It's a community hospital," she said. "What's in community that's taking women's rights away?"

    She said her husband's office typically performed abortions for nonviable fetuses with abnormalities.
    "It's not something we take lightly. We take lots and lots of time talking with the people" who are choosing to have an abortion, said Agnew, a mother of 10 children.
    Durnian said the neighborhood stands behind Richard Agnew, who, she said, has delivered countless babies at Hoag over more than four decades.

    "We love Dr. Agnew. We support Dr. Agnew," she said. "If he allows patients to make their own choices, he should be able to do that."
    Last week, people on both sides of sides of the issue demonstrated outside the hospital.
  2. mcopley Full Member

    Youth that lead the demonstration? More like "who opened the fuckin morgue" Al.

    Look at the golden girl youth in that photo a second time
  3. AlGreenDogg

    AlGreenDogg Suicide by Mod

    If you had read the caption for the photo, you would see that the pic is from the "both-sides" protest which took place last week outside the Hoag hospital, not at the anti-abortion demonstration at the doctor's Newport beach home on Thursday. I'll let ya slide this time. West Side!

    Perhaps we can locate pics from Thurs.

    From Hospital protest, ages appear be in teens and twenties.

    The Rev. Patrick Mahoney prays with members of the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust outside Hoag's Hospital in Newport Beach Thursday June 20, 2013. The group prayed for an end to abortion. (AP Photo/Orange County Register, Rose Palmisano)

    [looks like we have a new usage of the term 'Holocaust' to go along with the murder of Black Africans over the course of 400 years of slavery]

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