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R.I.P. Ed Koch

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Artie'sLiver, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

  2. teeman Full Member

    One of the only politicians I ever liked.Corruption in his party(the Donald Manes scandal and the like) turned out to be a disappointment. Watching the news coverage of his passing this morning.Found it interesting that he and Cardinal Cook were very close and would often have dinner together. Wonder what the connection was there? Not that there would be anything wrong with that!
  3. GoshGeeGolly Full Member

  4. John Daniels

    John Daniels
    SFN Staff

    Best judge on The People's Court ever!

    He and William Donald Schaffer here in Baltimore are responsible for 2 of the biggest urban revitilization projects in recent history.

  5. IAPD3000 Full Member

    R.I.P. Mr. Manhattan....He should had have Mrs. Manhattan.
  6. crazyalicerox Full Member

    How am I doin ?
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  7. Head Censor Full Member

    At what?
  8. dogcow Full Member

    was he gay, or what?
  9. Charlie Don't Surf Full Member

    Hmmmmmmm.......RIP anyway.
  10. Elephantman Full Member

    He looked like Howard's father RIP
  11. StillTalknDirty Full Member

    I will miss you all.
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  12. Juju Alma

    Juju Alma Closed by User

  13. DARKNIGHT Full Member

    I will always remember people screaming Cuomo vs The Homo when Koch ran for Governor
  14. migvr66 Full Member

  15. Erleichda Full Member

    "Vote for Cuomo, Not the homo!"
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  16. max_headroom Full Member

    Those were the best years of my life when Koch was mayor. RIP...the face of NYC.
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  17. Vidiot Full Member

    I wonder if they'll now finally admit that Koch was gay. (All the news outlets would report was "longtime confirmed bachelor," which used to be code in the 1950s and 1960s.)
  18. Subutexas Full Member

    i met him in 1989 at Gracie Mansion when I was working in the PR world. Super nice guy. RIP.
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  19. elephant boy

    elephant boy VIP: Show Regular

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  20. elephant boy

    elephant boy VIP: Show Regular

    What are the odds that After hizhonnor funeral some male will come out as his griving willow.
  21. BOXofROX Full Member

    When you think about it we had Dinkins, Giuliani and Bloomberg as successors; three haaarible mayors...he will be missed as he came to symbolize New York City.

  22. ravid32 Probationary Member

    RIP one of the best
  23. Jeton Full Member

    self-hating homo who killed 30,000 other homos...
  24. JohnDalton

    JohnDalton Closed by User

    Yeah, Koch killed them. Not their own irresponsible behavior. You're a moron.

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