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Remember these FAT BASTERDS? Guinness Book of Records

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by shadyt, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. shadyt Full Member

    As a kid I would always get the Guinness Book of World Records at the book fair each year.
    The world's fattest twins were usually on back cover.

    Billy Leon McCrary (December 7, 1946 - July 14, 1979) and Benny Loyd McCrary (December 7, 1946 - March 26, 2001), known together as the McGuire twins, were listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "World's Heaviest Twins" (328 kilograms (720 lb) and 338 kilograms (750 lb), correspondingly

  2. MemphisMan

    MemphisMan SFN Gold Supporter

    I remember well. I knew it was going to be that picture before I clicked on it.

    When I was a kid I would read every page of that book.
  3. Johnnykstaint

    Johnnykstaint SFN Gold Supporter

  4. Captainqueeg

    Captainqueeg SFN Gold Supporter

    I'd read every page too. We couldn't afford a new one every year so my copy got very worn.
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  5. porkerface Full Member

    I actually ordered this book in paperback when I was in school and loved reading about all the fatties, tall people, and other freaks of nature. I wasn't so concerned with the athletic feats so much. My love for freaks, especially midgets, has continued over the years. I feel a kindred spirit with all the great Monarchs of the 17th century who often kept a small army of midgets or giants around the palace. Peter the Great used to arrange midget weddings and funerals that would throw him into such huge fits of laughter tears would run down his face. Those were the good ole days when a king could own a stable of midgets.
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  6. 2thDK Got The Gay

    Is that guy wearing a thong
  7. tnvol123 Full Member

    Me too! My cousins and I tried to set a new world record for coin snatching. lol
  8. 2thDK Got The Gay

    I don't think grabbing each others balls is in there
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  9. tnvol123 Full Member

    fuck you dude. I never touched his balls.
  10. 2thDK Got The Gay

    You just stroked
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  11. porkerface Full Member

    I haven't read this book in a long time. Do they have porn star feats in there as well? I remember a period of time that Howard would have porn stars trying to break gang bang records.
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  12. porkerface Full Member

    He inhaled his balls and tickled his tonsils with them.
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  13. 2thDK Got The Gay

    Coin snatching=cum guzzling in tn's world
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  14. tnvol123 Full Member

  15. 2thDK Got The Gay

    My nigga
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  16. PrinceNamor Full Member

  17. shadyt Full Member

    Not sure - took my kid to book fair last year and urged him to get it. It is basically politically correct and sucks. As a kid, I liked the fatties, 8FT people and freaks. At least I read something as a kid...

    After purchasing the book at my suggestion, he read about most followers on twitter like Justin Bieber and some other useless information. Only good thing for him was it had highest mountain, most populated cities, etc.

    But, to answer your question it blows. God forbid u have two fat fucks on some small honda motorcycles.

    There is probably some weird version with pigs fucking 500 guys in a night or whatever. I remember Howard had Houston and chink broad vying for record. Gross. Could never watch more than 2 minutes...
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  18. 2thDK Got The Gay

    Yer a real buzz killer
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  19. shadyt Full Member

    Sorry. Go to efuct. They have the lowest scum bags in line to bang these broads.
    Then, they but in line and start beating the shit out of each other.
    Good stuff - sorry for the downer...
  20. Cutter

    Cutter SFN Supporter

  21. Hugh Blowmont Full Member

    Both croaked young, what a shocker...
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  22. shadyt Full Member

    Hey Hugh - Are you the guy that did the Brady Bunch thread a few years back?
    I disappeared for a few years. If you are the dude, we should do another one with all sitcoms...
  23. mugzilla

    mugzilla SFN Gold Supporter

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