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Robin Quivers vs Linda Ronstadt on Jay Leno

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by spun, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. spun Full Member

    Just found this
  2. TickyTowMein Probationary Member

    What's that phrase the young kids are using today?

    Linda Ronstadt got owned!

  3. dan5card Full Member

    Typical person who complains about something being offensive or vulgar yet never took the time to actually listen herself :rolleyes:
  4. spun Full Member

    Yeah who the fuck is linda ronstadt anyway
  5. monkeyshine Full Member

    yeah linda ronstadt was was pretty obnoxious. this was right around the time that she started getting fat and unpopular, so "decided" to start playing mexican music and become political. suddenly she was a representative of the oppressed mexicans out there.
    she didn't pull any of that shit when she was in the top 40.

    but, in case anyone was wondering why robin is on the show, this clip makes the point...she's there to deflect criticism for howard.
    you know it killed rondstadt that robin was black and a woman. it completely took away from her "as a woman and a mexican" bullshit. all she could do was shake her head once robin started talking.

    robin's not on the show because of her ability to read news or engage in banter. she's always been there to shield howard.

    and how about that jay leno?
    he basically congratulates rondstadt on her "bravery" for taking a cheapshot at one of his guests. nothing for robin when she defended herself though.

    "good for you", he says to rondstadt. what a friggin weasel that guy is.
  6. wangold Full Member

    What the fuck type of dress was Robin wearing? It looks like a cocoon.
  7. RFerraro88 Probationary Member


    Wow I just uploaded that video to youtube a few hours ago and I was just about to put it up here but somehow you beat me to it.
  8. Dawg

    Dawg Closed by User

    Every single person that does listen to the show says the same thing. People that have listened get the show and understand. My mother is older than that fat pig Linda and loves howard, why? Because she has taken the time to listen.
  9. magoosh008 Full Member

    Jay Leno is a big chinned douche bag
  10. Mootzerell Full Member

    Have another Taco tubbster Linda
  11. Tropix Full Member

    Linda Ronstadt is looking like that fat gal from Heart.
    Back in the day though, she was kinda cute. Love the nippleage and see thru beav on her album.

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  12. Ashley Jade

    Ashley Jade SFN Gold Supporter

    I forgot all about this. Leno is a turd. Thanks for posting.
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  13. sfgirl

    sfgirl SFN Gold Supporter

    Nice find. And way to go Robin! God I hate when people describe themselves XXX/American. Why not just American. A while back at one of her concerts Ronstadt was booed right here in liberal California for talking smack about the president. Whether they agreed with her views was not the point; paying hundreds of dollars to be entertained and then having to listen to their political platform is NOT what people are paying for.
  14. Erleichda Full Member

    God she was a fat cow back then. And so was Linda.
  15. Gatorbater Full Member

    you're a beaner towel
  16. spun Full Member

    Robin looked hot in that dress
  17. MetalstorM Full Member

    Robin Kicks ASSSS

    Fuck Ronstadt

    Fuck Leno

    Fuck ETM
  18. Emotional friend

    Emotional friend Closed by User

    Linda Ronstadt used to perform in South Africa(Sun City) during the apartheid years. Piece of shit. F her.
  19. hummingbird

    hummingbird Closed by User

    Wow, great post. Finally a thread that is enjoyable to read. Well done. Kudos for Robin. And a nice find.
  20. pdxsirius Full Member

    Nice find. Shut the fuck up, Linda. I don't think I've ever seen one guest sort of go after another one like that on a network talk show. Shows you how polarizing Howard is.
  21. queenofallmedia Full Member

    I love how most of the audience booed Linda when she started speaking, fuck her.

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