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Sam Kinison's last words....

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Guitarcapo, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. Guitarcapo HATER

    ...On April 10, 1992, it all came to end in a lone Nevada desert on his way to a sold-out show in Laughlin, Nevada. With his new bride of five days in the passenger seat of their Trans-Am, and his brother Bill following behind them, Sam and Malika were hit head-on by a 17-year-old in a pick up truck who had just been drinking . Malika incurred a mild concussion, while Sam lay outside the demolished car with his best friend Carl LeBove. He was talking to God, asking why he had to die. Whispering ever so reverently toward the darkening sky above, “Okay…okay…okay” were his last words as he passed on from this life into the next. Sam Kinison was pronounced dead at 8:30 PM. He was 38. In a strange twist of fate, the man who once did a comedy bit about driving drunk being the only way to get home, was sober at the time, unlike the driver of the pick-up. Who, by the way, was charged with vehicular manslaughter and sentenced to 300 hours of community service, a year’s probation and released into the custody of his parents. A small price to pay for taking away one of the comic greats.

    Someone needs to make a movie of Sam Kinison's life.
    He deserves a bio-pic more than Andy Kaufman.
  2. worldvid

    worldvid Well-Known Member

    I agree but only if he is played by Kevin James..........
  3. deth Full Member

    Or Chaz Bono
  4. My News Full Member

    I thought his last words were:

    "hey, what's that guy doing in my lane?"
  5. Murcielago Full Member

    I dunno, that "talking to God" moment always sounded to me like someone was taking a bit of creative license with that story.
  6. JerzeyMike

    JerzeyMike Closed by User

    I heard "the guy who laughs at everything" might be available.

  7. Scotswig Full Member

    True fact: My buddy sat next Sam and Malika on their flight to Nevada, the drive home from which resulted in his death. He said Sam was totally cool and mellow. He didn't talk to him much, just small talk. He was already seated by a window, when he heard a familiar voice. He looked up, there was Kinneson who was like "hey man, how Ya doin'?" or something to that effect and sat down next to him.
  8. worldvid

    worldvid Well-Known Member

    Of course, his last words were, FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK............
  9. MiamiPete Full Member

    Man I miss Sam. Always funny and a damn shame he wasn't around longer. Still, I have to believe he would have ended up like Farley or Belushi
  10. slab-0-meat Full Member

    That really wouldn't be "words" then, would it?

  11. My News Full Member

    "someone get this damned engine off of my lap. OH OHHHH!!!!!
  12. amorican Full Member

    prove it
  13. Sale_Man HATER

    "Shit, now Stern is going to continue riding my coat tails 18 years from now."
  14. eliasbboy

    eliasbboy SFN Gold Supporter

  15. wozardking Full Member

  16. fansince90 Full Member

    i know the kid that killed him was under age, but im surprised his name never got released anywhere. even the girl that kobe supposedly raped had her name all over the internet
  17. deth Full Member

  18. Colonel J Full Member

  19. fansince90 Full Member

    he killed somebody too
  20. Who'sJackie? Full Member

    "I hope my death doesn't give rise to a wave of wasted, wanna-be, unfunny, fat comedians. NO, OH, OOOOOOHHH!!!"

  21. Scott114 Full Member

  22. Sarcastro Full Member

    I thought they were already making a movie about him starring the fat guy from Balls of Fury.
  23. googleWes

    googleWes SFN Gold Supporter

    Who was the person that impersonated Sam after he died? I remember bits where Howard talked to him in heaven.
  24. GITCHASUM Full Member

    craig gass
  25. Deathshead Full Member

    Drummer for Hanoi Rocks

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