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scott engineer is a ingrate!!!!!

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by sha sha seany, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. sha sha seany

    sha sha seany VIP: High Register Sean

    as a working comedian i am insulted by his grab for money. fucking no act having dump! i have been working on a set. honing my jokes into awesomeness. driving hours to perform. making enough to cover my gas and food and drinks. try and come up with anything to entertain people scott. you are just a lump on a log. i can write some jokes for you but you need to work hard
  2. Anarchist86ed Full Member

  3. PayYa2MeetCha Full Member

    What does you trying to be a comedian have to do with Scott's ability to make money for an appearance at a block party? This site is dead.
  4. Jak743 Full Member

    Scott the engineer an ingrate.

    Nothing new there.
  5. burr Full Member

  6. burr Full Member

  7. sha sha seany

    sha sha seany VIP: High Register Sean

    hes bitching about money yet brings no-thing to the table
  8. Juju Alma

    Juju Alma Closed by User

    Let's see some of your Scott material.
  9. bemaniac Full Member

    Who the hell is Sha Sha Seany.......I've never heard of him on the Stern Show is he like staff here or something?
  10. Juju Alma

    Juju Alma Closed by User

    He fought with John the Stutterer on the show during Obama vs McCain.
  11. Scott and Ronnie brought name recognition to the block party-Shulli needed others there becasue 1) he does not have enough material to fill an hour to and hour and one-half, and 2) he sucks. If Shulli could do it alone he would. If he brings nothing to the table why did they ask him in the first place and then again after the falling out. Seems to me is Scott has nothing to offer and Shulli hires him it show how massively inept that Flabby, pale, bald hippster Shulli is.

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