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SFN Posting Guidelines

Discussion in 'SFN Time-out' started by Mutt, Jan 6, 2006.

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  1. aroundtheleague Full Member

    i agree with everything but........

    come on boey's teeth......this doesnt need to subscription the show the site.....just rather not have to pay for it

    just my opinion

  2. KOAJaps

    KOAJaps regular caller

  3. PostalRog Probationary Member

    OK I think I can live with these rules. FONT]
  4. KOAJaps

    KOAJaps regular caller

  5. Sandy Full Member

    30/30/30 Rule

    I'm free to do what I want any ol' time
  6. KOAJaps

    KOAJaps regular caller

  7. jbear Full Member

    how many more posts before im a member! damn!
  8. m13e33d22 Probationary Member

    Thanks for letting be a part of your network big fan fo the show from the midwest!! I will follow all the rules I listen to the show and always hear about the network and thought I'll join!
  9. shortdckartie Full Member

    read the guidelines =)
  10. didgeman Full Member

    Im new to the site but a long time listener and fan. I would like to know how toset up my under my name and other stuff.Do I need to wait till Im a full member?
  11. HOLIC Full Member

  12. HOLIC Full Member

  13. KOAJaps

    KOAJaps regular caller

    Who knows?
  14. spud2021 Full Member

    way to go mutt u had to crack down too much heat from howard and bubba
  15. Mutt


    finally update the faq in the first post with info about the online stream
  16. mikeriv69 Probationary Member

    how about the guy from robins
  17. tattookjh Full Member

    keep up yhe good work mutt and kep it free
  18. OTRoadPhil Full Member

    Hey Mutt hope this heat don't ruin your postion with Howard. Would really miss all your yelling on the SuperFan show. ha ha . I am out here every day in my truck. I won't ever be a member of this club like I would like too. Don't for get us other little people. Many out there listening and can't do or make a differance. Kind of worried about being kicked off the SFN for saying what I think is postive, Who determins whats good and whats bad. LOve the show. Love Bubba too. Like it all wide open. Can't emagine any thing bothing these men who are like Gods of this world they have created. Good work with your site MUtt. Hope this all calms down. Be nice to us Hanger ons ha ha . Bye all
    :D :rolleye2:
  19. 1stamendment Probationary Member

    i want to speak my mind, but not get kicked off

    MUTT: i hear you are tough on peoples my questions to you is how much negativity can i express...what type of cristism is acceptable without getting bumped off the site? i would like to make constructive critisim but i fear i will not be heard cause my account will be suspended....maybe you can help?
  20. Chris Crank Probationary Member

    Rev BOB

    Things were spelled out well in the rules... even REV BOB would could read and follow.... hehe.
  21. pocono_billy Full Member

    sounds fair, hope not to make a mistake not shure bout the thread ,post bla bla bla yikes,<--makes foots prints
  22. randallofvt Full Member

    yessir masser
  23. babanosehair Full Member

    Thanks Mutt

    Thanks Mutt this is excellent stuff. I am new to the site, and just appreciate the opportunity to talk to other Stern fans. I not only don't have a problem with the 30/30 rule, I think maybe you should consider a stiffer probation period.That is after my 30 days are up...
    Anyway from a new sfn'er, thanks for the site and thanks for all you do!!!
  24. drouss48 Full Member

  25. KOAJaps

    KOAJaps regular caller

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