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SFRT in Hollywood 11/16/06 Got Pix?

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by thehand, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. thehand

    thehand VIP: Bubba Mark

    Hey all The Hand here...I just woke up got to get to work, but I thought I'd post a pic from last nights "Superfan Round Table" . We had a great time & Johnny Fratto and KC showed up at the after party as well as lots of other SFNers. Copetr has a bunch of pix on his camera for us.

    A big thank you to Copter, Cori, Mutt & family and all of you who came down to party w/ us after.

    L to R ; Copter, Cori. the Hand Mutt & Mrs Mutt.

    Heres the only pic I got, but cameras were flashing all night so I you have party pix, post 'em here AND email them to me at .

    Check out Sky's LA Pic Thread
  2. Hines Probationary Member

    I had a good time.
  3. thehand

    thehand VIP: Bubba Mark

    Yea man it was good to meet you there. Hook me up w/ that software bro!
  4. Hines Probationary Member

    I got you as soon as I get some NFRs.
  5. Roguepainter Full Member

    very cool bro :D
  6. Mutt


    The studio was in West Hollywood near Melrose & LaBrea. It's in the back of a rehearsal studio. Yellowcard was there practicing while we did our show. The lead singers dog was hanging around the hallway. The place was very cool. We had a few technical issues but it was a pleasure being there. I hope to do it again.

    Jessica Hahn & King of all Japs pulled the no show but the hand, copter, & Cori filled the LA superfans seats nicely
  7. Mutt


    we tried driving up to the Hollywood sign & got pretty damn close. When we found out you can't get there by car anymore, we cruised the hills & checked out all the cool homes.
  8. Mutt


    After the show we met up with SFNers at El Guapo Cantina. It was a nice group of maybe 15 peeps. By the time we got there, I had already been up for 20 hours. I'm not sure how I was still functioning many beers later.
  9. Mutt


    KC, Nice!
  10. Mutt


    Johnny Fratto & the Hand

    Johnny's place is a half a block of of Rodeo & Beverly. We walked up the street & so the girls could go shopping. We caught lunch at an Italian joint with tables out on the walk. Chris Katan was having lunch a couple table over.

    I got a chance to see Johnny's Beverly Hill Choppers clothing and it's pretty cool. You ave to go to Japan to buy it though. I'll have to find out where you get it in the states. he's designed some really funky stuff though. I thought it was just t-shirts but he's got so much more. You should of seen his redesigned Rolex watches. it was like pimp my rolex. I wouldn't be surprised if you start seeing them hangin from rock stars' wrists.
  11. adam

    adam SFN Gold Supporter

    Looking good.

    (Keep 'em coming if you've got more)

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