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"Shock Jock" Artie Lang?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by stefystef, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. stefystef Full Member

  2. cmass Full Member

    Artie has been more of a SMACK JOCK, at least up to the time when he became a QUITTER.
  3. smitty16s Full Member

    I was coming over here to post this, what a shithead the 49's jerk is.
  4. A mysterius man Full Member

    I just read this story and came here to see if anyone posted this.

    Shock Jock, nothin'! Artie Lang got a mention on Yahoo! News, of all places.
  5. ricky

    ricky SFN Gold Supporter

    Artie is down here in New Orleans doing his radio show, with credentials and everything.
  6. DrugDealer Full Member

    Shock jock Artie Lange revealed he had interviewed Culliver at media day Tuesday and aired a segment on his show that night, where the player insisted that any gay players would not be welcome on the team.

    Nice!! Artie getting some pub :wavespin: :showoff:
  7. antnyp Full Member

    Listened to the interview, which will probrably turn out to be the best of the media day. It's good to hear Artie on the air, and at least he knows what football is unlike his old boss the Hamptons guy.
  8. Purity Knight Full Member

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  9. Trap-Jaw Full Member

    I watched that on the Artie Lange show the other day. I laughed when I saw the anti-gay comments by a 49er article today.
  10. LessMoonbeams Full Member

    Wonder what HPM is thinking ...:hmmm:
  11. homerjs Full Member

    Making news. Way to go Arthur!
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  12. Sausagemonkey1 Full Member

    It's shocking that anyone listens to him. Artie is a has-been.
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  13. LessMoonbeams Full Member


  14. TacoTico Full Member

    The show is much better without Nick. Artie is doing a great job.
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  15. Donald Trump Probationary Member

    I call complete bullshit, The High Pitch Mike fight and now he touts his pro gay stance, to boost his show.
    He goads that kid into the question. They need nick to calm this bullshit.
  16. LessMoonbeams Full Member

    I see where Artie has evolved in the past 5 weeks from
    an anti-gay venom spouting troglodyte into a forward thinking
    sensitive socially progressive showbiz phony ... Nick's firing
    has had its effect.
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  17. greenchicklets Full Member

    The only has-been is your repeated comment about him, on every post about him. Way to be creative, douchebag.
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  18. Dicksavvy Full Member

    Artie spends a great deal of time talking about, joking about, and referencing gays. Every other joke is about calling someone a fag. Makes one wonder.
  19. Mac-hine Full Member

    They just had two gay former NFL players talking about it on CNN
  20. Jack n Water Full Member

    He's going overboard with the sensitivity due to all the publicity he is getting from his goofy media day interviews. In the studio, he almost cracked an even bigger story. Prior to returning from a break on Tuesday (i think), apparently Trevor Pryce (annoncer/probowler) admitted to Artie during the commercial of knowing what Ray Lewis has been up to with steroids, and whatever else. As soon as they got back on the air, Artie tried to weasel his way into bringing it up; he persisted for about 5 minutes. Pryce wasn't having it

    You think Artie is passionate about steroids, too? He's playing all this crap up for publicity- and its working. Artie is finding more of a groove without Nick, despite being surrounded by a bunch of nobodies on most episodes.

    And the best part, on Yesterday's show, he played clips of the news reports & PTI segment and commented on them. The reports all called Artie "shock jock". One guy called him "The Poor Man's Howard Stern". Artie paused the taped right after that clip and said "Hes right. Thats exactly what I am. I am the Poor Man's Howard Stern, thanks for the compliment." He seemed to really be enjoying this comparison. Maybe he'll stay clean because this is the last major opportunity he'll get. Only a year left. Then he would have the opportunity to turn his show into something really special.

    Keep in mind, this is a brand new show with Artie. Not too long ago, he was in the psyche ward; he has to kiss a little ass in the beginning. More than likely, he had to agree to be a little PC to even get the opportunity. The show is a little too PC but still continues to improve. If he keeps it up for just another year, I'm sure he could get a job doing radio elsewhere. Somewhere he'll have more control and less censorship.

    This is all very optimistic thinking. And the only way this can work is, this incredible opportunity he has + his soon to be fiancee (and possibly kid), must be enough to keep him sober (or at least keep showing up) and focused on emulating his idol, Howard Stern.

    No more Bullshit. The Artie Revolution on Sirius/XM 2014-2015 :jj2:

    If Artie really gets a kick out of being compared to Howard, he just needs to make it another year and get back to satellite. It would be too sweet if he went back to Sirius on his own show in 2 years. Drop the sports, pack the place with comics, and start writing.

    Howard won't acknowledge you? Force him to.

    If he needs a blueprint, I have one 15 years long on mp3 ('90-'05)
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  21. shadyt Full Member

    from MSN news:

    49ers' Culliver apologizes for anti-gay remarks

    [IMG] 3 hr ago

    The San Francisco cornerback says he hopes to "learn and grow" after making some "very ugly comments."
    NEW ORLEANS — San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver apologized Thursday for anti-gay comments he made to a comedian during Super Bowl media day, saying "that's not what I feel in my heart."
    "I'm sorry if I offended anyone. They were very ugly comments," Culliver said during an hour-long media session. "Hopefully I learn and grow from this experience and this situation."
    He said he would welcome a gay teammate to the 49ers, a reversal of his remarks to Artie Lange two days earlier during an interview at the Superdome.
    "I treat everyone equal," Culliver said. "That's not how I feel."
    He added that he realized his comments were especially offensive to many people in San Francisco and the Bay Area, which is home to a large gay community.
    "I love San Francisco," Culliver said.
    During the interview with Lange, Culliver responded to questions by saying he wouldn't welcome a gay player in the locker room. He also said the 49ers didn't have any gay players, and if they did those players should leave.
    San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh met privately with Culliver to discuss the remarks.
    "I reject what he said," Harbaugh said. "That's not something that reflects the way the organization feels, the way the rest of the players feel."

    The coach would not discuss if Culliver would face discipline from the team, such as a fine or loss of playing time.
    "He pledged to grow from it," Harbaugh said.
    The interview began with Lange asking Culliver about his sexual plans with women during Super Bowl week. Lange followed up with a question about whether Culliver would consider pursuing a gay man.
    "I don't do the gay guys, man. I don't do that," Culliver said during the one-minute taped interview. "Ain't got no gay people on the team. They gotta get up outta here if they do. Can't be with that sweet stuff."
    Lange asked Culliver to reiterate his thoughts, to which the player said, "It's true." He added he wouldn't welcome a gay teammate — no matter how talented.
    "Nah. Can't be ... in the locker room, nah," he said. "You've gotta come out 10 years later after that."
    VIDEO: A look at this year's Super Bowl ads
    The 24-year-old Culliver, a third-round draft pick in 2011 out of South Carolina, made 47 tackles with two interceptions and a forced fumble this season while starting six games for the NFC champion Niners (13-4-1).
    He had his first career postseason interception in San Francisco's 28-24 win at Atlanta for the NFC title.
    The 49ers participate in the NFL's "It Gets Better" anti-bullying campaign. Three organizations working for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender inclusion in sports — Athlete Ally, You Can Play and GLAAD — reacted to Culliver's remarks and later acknowledged his apology.
    "Chris Culliver's comments were disrespectful, discriminatory and dangerous, particularly for the young people who look up to him," said Athlete Ally Executive Director Hudson Taylor. "His words underscore the importance of the athlete ally movement and the key role that professional athletes play in shaping an athletic climate that affirms and includes gay and lesbian players."
    Calling Lange's questions "real disrespectful," Culliver said he realized he was speaking to a comedian and not a journalist.
    "That was pretty much in a joking manner," the player said. "It's nothing about how I feel."
  22. LessMoonbeams Full Member

    It's exactly how both Culliver & Lange feel
    and we all know it .....don't we boys?
    hope Artie has his AZT Rx re-filled :fruity:
  23. ChillSwitch Full Member

    Totally agree. Artie is great on his own.
  24. DrugDealer Full Member

    If Artie is a has-been then you must be a never-was. :thumbup: :wavespin: :showoff:

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