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Sirius & XM finally merged

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Mutt, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Mutt


    Remember how Sirius & XM never really merged 100%? If you didn't have both Sirius & XM radios you may not have noticed but up until recently billing wise they still considered them 2 companies with 2 different services. If I had a primary Sirius account w/ 1 radio & then add a 2nd Sirius radio, it counts as a 2nd subscription on that same account & you pay a cheaper price. However if that 2nd radio was an XM radio, they used to count it as a primary XM account w/ 1 radio instead of a 2nd SiriusXM radio. This meant you couldn't get the 2nd radio discounted rate. It also meant if you already had a lifetime Sirius account & you new car had XM, you couldn't apply it to the XM radio.

    Well, all the bullshit is over. With them finally looking at this as 1 company, you can merge your Sirius & XM accounts into 1 SiriusXM account!!! So If your car has Sirius & your wife's has XM, you can get both subs in 1 account w/ the 2nd radio discount. You also can use your Sirius lifetime subscription on an XM radio. This won't happen automatically. You have to contact SiriusXM & request the change.

    For many of you this may not matter but it's been a long time since they made a new cool Sirius radio and XM seems to get them all the time. Now, if you wanted you could simply jump ship & use their tech.

    NOTE: Though this changed billing but it didn't change programming. All the channels are still the same & if you want Howard on XM, or Oprah on Sirius, you'll need the best of package.

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  2. Head Censor Full Member

    Great news, Mutt. Thanks for the info. Time to review the previously XM only or XM/Sirius radio selections.

    Anybody know if there's a reliable alternative out there to the old S2 Stiletto? :)
  3. sinistar Full Member

    Is this why the royalty fees just went up again according to the email I received?
  4. Anarchist86ed Full Member

    YAY! Now they can start a family and poop out little satellites! Awwwwww they're so cute...
  5. Earl Turner

    Earl Turner Closed by User

    Finally. Now we'll get that a la carte programming Mel promised.
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  6. epacop Full Member

    Or you can just tell than that you are going to cancel and get your subscriptions for $5 each
  7. Head Censor Full Member

    Does this mean the sim cards are out? :dontknow:
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  8. dogcow Full Member

    so i have xm do i still have to pay for the best of sirius and all that shit?
  9. Anarchist86ed Full Member

    What best of?
  10. Capegirlal Full Member

    Great news!
  11. The Butler Full Member

    That was negotiated between SiriusXM and the Royalty Board (or whatever the hell it;s called). Sirius pays a % of sales for music royalties.
  12. Mutt


    the XMP3 is awesome. problem is you'd have to go XM w/ a sirius addon.
  13. Mutt


    I explained that in the first post. this did NOT change programming. if you have xm & want Howard you still have to buy the best of sirius package.

    there is however an "all access" subscription for $199 / year which includes xm, the sirius package, & internet. that works out to be $16.50 per month which is a little cheaper than just adding those features.
  14. Zena Buddysgirl

    Zena Buddysgirl
    SFN Staff

    TY Boff..Much appreciated... I understood this from the 1st post but its nice that you explained it yet again.. ;)
  15. Mutt


    an XM sub is $14.50
    add sirius is jumps up to $18
    adding internet is another $3.50
    which makes your total $22.50

    but an all access sub includes all the same shit for $16.50. ( $6 savings ) you just need to pay for the year instead of month to month.
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  16. bicuriousgeorge Full Member

    Or if the crappy radio breaks its a couple hundred more bucks to replace and install it.
  17. Hop Full Member

    As a Canadian customer, we still don't get any XM content. I have no idea why, they advertise all kinds of channels I can't get. They even have a Hockey Night In Canada channel that Canadians can't get. Figure that shit out.
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  18. HeyItsAdam Full Member

  19. Head Censor Full Member

    :jj: Thanks for the clarification, Mutt. I did misunderstand your initial post, even though I knew in the back of my mind, that allowing Sirius subscribers to use XM equipment was too good to be true.

    You know, it's funny. When Howard made the decision to take a flyer on something called Sirius Satellite Radio, I risked several hundred dollars of my own money on a lifetime sub back at a time when it was anything but likely that Sirius would be the satellite radio provider to survive for any appreciable length of time. But I believed in Howard and I knew that to compete with XM, Sirius would require a good chunk of capital that was front end loaded.

    So I took the plunge. And if I'm being honest, even though there's a hundred reasons why Sirius and now SiriusXM sucks as a company, I can't claim that I haven't gotten my money's worth over the last several years. But what does stick in my craw, what really galls me, is the way that since almost day one, Sirius has treated me and all other lifetime subscribers as some sort of pariahs. They were more than happy to take our money at the time, but they couldn't give less of a fuck about us since. Clearly the trend continues today.
  20. James G Probationary Member

  21. Rekker Full Member

    Took them long maybe we will get that ala carte option we were also promised :rolleyes:
  22. BigMan1Esq Full Member

    this has always annoyed me.... it is absolute bullshit. They are the same company BUT the corporate line is "they offer different programming to each plateform." It is a bullshit scheme to charge XM users the extra bucks for Stern channels..... and again, why didn't he get his bonus??!?!?
  23. pod98 Full Member

    yep, was a royal PITA too cause i had to replace my sirius player, so i went with an XM player -- that was a big ball of shit.
  24. effuhack Full Member

    He did get his bonus idiot. He received $25 million from the merger. The money he thinks he deserves is just a money grab, which is essentially what the judge decreed in her ruling.

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