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SiriusXM MyControl now beta testing

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Mutt, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Mutt


    I use the SiriusXM online player all the time now and so so excited when they started beta testing the OnDemand / Timeshifting features. Since they they've gone live w/ these and my listening habits have completely changed. Being able to rewind any channel up to 5hrs & being able to pull up a weeks worth of Howard's shows was such a dramatic change to what I was used to and now I find myself using them every single day.

    SiriusXM MyControl

    Well, it's beta test time again at SiriusXM so go login to the beta player right now & check out the new MyControl feature.


    MyControl lets you tweak 40 music channels to your musical tastes. See the "My" icon in the upper right of this screenshot? When you click it you'll get an overlay w/ sliders and when you push them around it changes what the next song will be. Make Hits1 more hitsy, less popy, & less tweeny or The Highway county music less depressing & twangy. I haven't used it long enough to tell you whether this is a feature I need but 1 thing I know for sure, I tweak my pandora channels like this all the time so I assume as I use it more, I'll find more uses for it.

    Screenshot_3.png Screenshot_4.png

    SFNers escapewisconsin found another new feature. If a song come on you don't like, you can skip forward to the next song. (5 times per hour) You also can back up & do an instant replay.


    The iOS & Android apps don't have these new features yet but the last beta didn't last too long before iOS got them & then Android shortly behind that.

    anyway, go check it out and let us know what else you found new.
    this works with your current SiriusXM internet login.

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  2. FlatTimmy Full Member


    If you have time when you're there Wednesday, would you ask around about why 101 hasn't been added to list of onDemand channels? And when we can expect it to happen?
  3. cavlou Full Member

    Looks pretty cool. Hopefully they can fix the online player not to time out after two hours.
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  4. escapewisconsin Full Member

    Not a bad thing, actually. You get five "fast forwards" per channel per hour (meaning that if your preferences send you crap, you can jump over the song). In custom mode, it DOES get rid of the ponderous jingles/bumpers/Mark Goodman's constant "Uh Uh Uh" crap. On a sidebar, do the Mark Goodman drinking game once - take a slam whenever he says "uh" during one of his breaks. You'll be on the floor in record time.

    Thx for the info Mutt - will try it some more.
  5. Mutt


    they do no plan to put the 101 on demand. I have not been able to get an answer. best we get is the 5hr rewind.
  6. Mutt


    you can skip forward? I'll have to get a screen cap of that. I'm busy listening to Howard so I can't play w/ these tools right now.
  7. Mutt


  8. CaptainCupcake Full Member

    I love the new listening features. They're long overdue.
  9. FlatTimmy Full Member

    That really doesn't make sense. I wonder if it's some bullshit move by Howard to prevent it because of the lawsuit. Anyone remember how long it took to put 100 on the internet? It turned out Sirius didn't have the rights to putting it online and they had to negotiate with Howard for them. Sirius doesn't give a fuck if 101 is onDemand. It really only harms the listeners.
  10. CaptainCupcake Full Member

    That's was the dealbreaker for me getting Sirius at the beginning. I was happy to subscribe once I had access online.
  11. escapewisconsin Full Member

    Kinda figured. I screencapped it for you.
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  12. Mutt


    I don't see any reason for it to be a howard thing. it makes no sense to me either especially since 101 is the 2nd most listened to channel on SiriusXM. the O&A channel however has all their crap shows ondemand.
  13. FlatTimmy Full Member

    Am I not properly remembering the reason for the delay on getting 100 online? Now that I think about it, the delay I'm thinking of was probably getting 100 on the app. But there was something that Howard prevented his channels from being on. So is it so far-fetched that he's the reason 101 hasn't been added? Maybe the new contract he signed allows 100 to go up there. But for some reason Howard can prevent 101 from going up there. I don't remember him mentioning onDemand at all. He can't be unaware of it. So when he doesn't talk about something, it's usually on purpose and not simply an omission.
  14. escapewisconsin Full Member

    Ha! I can't even get Oh & Eh! (My subscrip is Sirius-specific, and one of the original lifetime ones). By the way, just made the beta player system crash (for me, anyways)!
  15. Mutt


    thanks, added to 1st post
  16. Mutt


    sorry if I wasn't clear. I fully believe getting howard on the app was a howard thing. (he was always on the net stream) i was just saying, I don't think 101 on ondemand is.
  17. jonpluc Full Member

    The beta player is crap. The menu page displays the songs and artists nicely but i have a 27 inch expensive monitor and for the life of me i cant read the name of the station nor do i have a clue what number the station is from the tiny box above each song. There is a tiny blurry usually unreadable icon that is supposed to let us know what station we are watching.
  18. Vidiot Full Member

    Howard has never said why his channels were delayed for so long from being available on the app. There's nothing about it in the contract, so I'm not sure if it was another grab for cash. I actually wonder if there was conflict between HowardTV and the app people, because the HowardTV people are notoriously hostile to the idea of making their material available for download (even legitimately, like an iTunes video or something). OnDemand has had that policy for a long time.
  19. Notyavgkat Full Member

    Preciate the link to the beta, it works alot better than the regular one. Thanks man.
  20. StillTalknDirty Full Member

    Howard was delayed to the stream because of infrastructure. He was delayed to the app because of money or as Howard puts it, "it's a licensing thing."
  21. Infinitely More Human Full Member

    The biggest frustration for me with the online listening is not being able to get Riley, Jackie, Back Office, etc On Demand. I hope they're able to work this out at some point.
  22. mega shmega Full Member

    i just hope they do something with the manual scrubbing, it sucks shit now!

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