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So Howard hangs out with Ellen now.

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by koclem, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. LuvAngus

    LuvAngus SFN Gold Supporter

  2. Austinchota Full Member

    Kathie Lee is next...
  3. adam

    adam SFN Gold Supporter

  4. MyNextMult Full Member

    I'm not trolling, but where does it say Ellen was at the same party? This Lori chick mentions that she was at the party the previous night, then 3 hours later she says she met Ellen. It doesn't say when or where.
  5. ravenrules Full Member

    It's odd that Kimmel claims to be such a big Howard fan, but he wants him to patch up with all of these people that Howard has historically trashed (and as a fan, I've enjoyed hearing him trash them).

    Who's next? Jay Leno?
  6. dalsh327 Full Member

    They are both animal lovers and she was probably appreciative of what he said about the million moms.

    Not liking her show is different from not liking her as a person, and he's made comments about how she looks, but she's from standup comedy, she can take the criticism, she's dealt with worse in the past.
  7. Howard Stearn

    Howard Stearn SFN Supporter

    Ellen is much...much...funnier than Rosie.
    I would much rather Howard be friends with Ellen and go back to making fun of Rosie's big fat head.
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  8. stefystef Full Member

    Jilllian is such a kiss-ass. I don't like her one bit.
    Not an ounce of talent in her AND she's not even attractive.
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  9. djenkin8 Full Member

    All I'm saying is let's wait till Howard actually says he spoke to Ellen. Way too many times people on SFN get sh*t information then Howard comes on and tells a whole different story.You make a great point and You could be totally 100% right.All I'm saying is wait till Howard or even H100 news reports on it instead of Jillian Barbari...
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  10. DMorgan Full Member

    She was at the party Jimmie throws every time HOWARD comes to LA, and yo dont think they met?

    Is this Bobo?
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  11. DMorgan Full Member

    Whos Highpitch?

    Cant wait for Bobo to call in and ask what Howard thinks about Iran.
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  12. djenkin8 Full Member

    Calm down brotha,nobody's trying to start sh*t with you.According to you Jillian Barbarie fell into the pool so she probably was drunk the whole time...Again...So instead of taking the word of a drunken woman,let's find out the truth...If your right then props to you.
  13. Bro Mancer Full Member

    You complete me
  14. porkerface Full Member

    I liked it when Howard used to call Ellen, "Ellen Degenitals." I tried watching that show the other day and Ellen started dancing throughout the audience and I had to turn it out of embarassment for her. There were a bunch of Yentas in the audience dancing with her and laughing at her stupid jokes. This is who watches her show. Yentas.
  15. Puncher

    Puncher Closed by User

    So we get to hear all about Jimmys's party, and how they all gathered around and played a few songs. Let me guess, Stamos was there also. It will be a matter of time before Howie has Ellen out to the Hampton's for a "wonderful" visit with her and Portia. Why does Howie even bother to try to be the "shock jock" guy anymore? Oh yea..wait..he still HATES Leno...lets not forget that right?
  16. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    I truly hope they met and that they become best friends, because if there's one thing funnier than Howard bashing people like Ellen and Rosie, its faggots like the OP flipping out over something so trivial. God I love that the internet is a window into the minds of retarded people. Its so damn entertaining.
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