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So Howard hangs out with Ellen now.

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by koclem, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Howard Stearn

    Howard Stearn SFN Supporter

    I still love Howard and his show is still good. You obviously don't feel the same way. That's ok,you're allowed to leave and post at wackbag.
  2. acentx Full Member

    Face it folks. We've lost the everyman Howard we all used to listen too and love. He is now Hollywood Howard and is part of the fake crowd he used to rail against.

    It's over!
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  3. Hardin Thicke

    Hardin Thicke SFN Gold Supporter

    Didn't S"F"N swear up and down last year and the year before that this party was not for Howard?
    As I recall, it was a party that Howard just happened to be invited to.

  4. sinistar Full Member

  5. AppIeclipse

    AppIeclipse Closed by User

    Ellens funny???:hpgrin::jj::cold::geek::hpgrin::laugh::nah::rofl::roflmao::blah:o_O:boink: bahahahahahahahahaha
  6. Byron T. Hadley Full Member

    Full Celebrity Attendee List of Howard Stern’s 2012 LA Party at Jimmy Kimmel’s House

    Adam Carolla

    George Clooney

    Jimmy Kimmel

    Al Michaels

    Jillian Barberie – fell in the pool

    Howard Stern

    Beth Stern

    Sandra Bullock

    Mark McGrath

    David Arquette

    Courteney Cox

    Garry Shandling

    Ellen Degeneres

    Portia De Rossi

    Jessica Alba

    Jon Favreau

    Johnny Knoxville

    Joel McHale

    Mike Judge

    John Stamos

    Ellen Pompeo

    Dax Shepard

    Kristen Bell

    JJ Abrams

    Jeff Probst

    Louis CK

    Will Arnett

    Andy Richter
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  7. Bokes Full Member

    The whole Kimmel Party thing sounds like high School.
    How old are these people?
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  8. mrblack66 Full Member

    does every thought in your head have to become a thread?
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  9. Mark Green

    Mark Green Closed by User

    Normally, I would totally agree with this. However, I would kill for hour upon hour of Kimmel Party stories over this America's Got Talent crap.
  10. Bro Mancer Full Member

    To each his own. Ellen isn't a bad person, and her GF is hot.
  11. AppIeclipse

    AppIeclipse Closed by User

    LoL @ Jillian Barberie – fell in the pool
  12. Mark Green

    Mark Green Closed by User

    Yeah, I don't really have anything against her. Just thought Howard did. I remember all the "Ellen has a penis" talk. Funny at the time.
  13. Chucky O'Hara Full Member

    THAT is a killer guest list, thanks for posting it! Lots of heavyweight repeat regulars but lots of surprise first timers as well. The whole celeb alphabet gamut is run from A to D.

    Jessica Alba (maybe even more than Ellen) is the biggest shocker to me. I remember her even blowing off the WUS like 2x, and I also remember the actual Stern show getting snubbed when she was actually at Sirius promoting one of her crappy movies. I think Stut John or Gary Garver might have gotten to her too at some point with sheepish results. Kimmel must have some major juice to pull of that coup.

    And where are the blax?? Not ONE schwartze?? Certainly they weren't ALL at Whitney Houston's funeral??? That's like a KKK rally and all is missing is Daniel Carver. Surprising because Kimmel loves his blax.

    Anyway, here's proof Alba was there from her twitter with a pic of her at Kimmel's famous pizza oven with some toolbox;

    Jessica Alba @jessicaalba
    Best night ever! Chris Bianco - thx Jimmy n Molly n @kellyoxford xo

    Attached Files:

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  14. doublehelix Full Member

    Fitzdog got snubbed. Ouch. Hope it wasn't the Andy Dick bullshit.
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  15. djenkin8 Full Member

    Fitzdog probably had to work on the road when the party happened..Remeber he was on the show after Andy went on that rant.
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  16. DUKA Full Member

    Soon enough he will only have Leno to take on. Everyone else, from Bryant Gumbel, Elizabeth Hasselback, Spike Lee, or anyone else he may run into while in the Hamptons are off limits. My theory has always been that if Rosie was based out of LA he wouldn't have make peace with her. It easy for Jay Leno to get off his shit-list. Buy a place in the Hamptons.
  17. djenkin8 Full Member

    Spike Lee or Bryant Gumbel or Rosie never stole anybody from Howards staff or stole any of Howard's bits and lied about it...Plus NBC basically told Howard to go on Jay Leno's show to promote AGT and he refused.Howard is suing Sirius/XM but he still goes out and promotes for them...Leno will never come back on the show.
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  18. djenkin8 Full Member

    Could happen..Never say never.Either way Jay Leno really is a complete scumbag that's made ememies of lots of people in entertainment.Nobody in Late night TV likes this guy.They ALL(Kimmel,Fallon,Letterman,Carson Daly)kiss Howard's balls on a daily basis.
  19. DUKA Full Member

    AGT would never tell Howard to go on Leno's show. Leno doesn't want him. It's his only enemy along with other easy targets. Right-Wing lunatics. It's sad for a long time fan. I loved when he made fun of Spike Lee's movies.
  20. DUKA Full Member

    Did any morning radio show host like Howard Stern? Interesting how Leno has been #1 for the better part of 15 years.
  21. Captain Sakk Full Member

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