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So Says Stern: "Super 8 Caper, Case Closed!"

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by MICRO PENIS, Aug 8, 2011.

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  1. LessMoonbeams Full Member

    no more soup 4 him!!!!! :vm:
  2. Big Lar Full Member

    Sounds about right to me. Why would Howard bootleg some movie? It doesn't make sense.
  3. starless Full Member

    Hardly.. the MPAA is all over shit like this. This happened over the weekend so the investigation is barely underway yet. It's not the last we'll hear of it and it was wise of Howard to at least contest his innocence publicly.
  4. pi nate

    pi nate SFN Supporter

    Move along move along nothing to see here!!! But it was a jealous hater if it is true....
  5. PittsburghDude Full Member

    Yes they will get to the bottom of this and I really think Howard is innocent and they will find that an employee at the mailing service who handles the discs is at fault.
  6. MyLazyHand

    MyLazyHand SFN Supporter

    "And I would have gotten away with it, if not for you meddling kids and your dog!"

  7. HeChangedRadio Full Member

    I love how he set up the fan slam before the Super 8 lead-in. He'll never let us win. Not once.

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  8. koolest Full Member

    He gave it to his gym friend or one of Beth's and it leaked...
  9. Jon Hein is God Full Member

    I don't think Paramount is going to want to fight Howard.

    Anyways, it's good to hear that Howard is so careful with those discs.
  10. Vlazz Full Member

    So it wasn't Howard's copy that got leaked? It was just an angry fan who tried to sabotage him? How convenient that this theory completely relieves Howard of responsibility. It must be the same guy who makes a mess in Beetlejuices pants. I'm sure they will catch him one day. Nobody messes with Beat and Howard. :)
  11. Winner Full Member

    An O&A staff member broke into the Stern Compound stole the Super 8 DVD and waited until Howard was on vacation to upload it to Demonoid. Case closed!!!
  12. gimmicktable Full Member

    I believe that Howard didn't lend out the screener, but to buy into his story completely we first have to accept as fact that Baba Booey is efficient and competent. This is where his theory falls apart.
  13. reds ftw Full Member

    The resident tard has spoken.
  14. Mutt


    what i think is crazy is that the bootleggers left the watermark on it. all of the bootlegs have that kind of thing blurred out. leaving it on seems odd, almost deliberate. as far fetched as someone did it to hurt howard, it's the only answer that explains leaving the watermark. i'll be very interested to see what happens w/ this.

    still, that doesn't answer how the bootleggers got the video. perhaps O&A found it on the photocopier :rolleyes:
  15. bitslap47

    bitslap47 VIP: SiriusWM6

    I don't think the source was Howard's copy. I'm willing to bet the watermark was altered or added. It's super easy to do.
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  16. Xzadows Full Member

    I like how he says its a disgruntled fan. No more bullshit indeed.
    At least he's aware that fans are disgruntled.
  17. Mutt


    but if that's the case why wouldn't the studio know? why would't howard say, that's not what my watermark looked like. since howard didn't say that & the studio didn't flat out say, that's not our watermark, I have to think it's NOT a fake.
  18. Mutt


    they didn't do anything. i was just goofing because they claimed they "found" howard's schedule in the photocopier & leaked it. (it wasn't real) so maybe they "found" his screener in the shredder & leaked that. I was just goofin

    as for it being a disgruntled fan or O&A fan who leaked it to hurt Howard, most people would say nobody would risk their job for something like that but then again, somebody leaks these screeners. if one of them happens to be anti-howard then hey, maybe. especially for it to be JJ's movie who's a show friend. it's extra bad. we once had a pair of O&A fans who worked at the server farm highjack our SFN server so I don't put anything past anyone.
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  19. vashier

    vashier SFN Supporter

    No that is not the only answer. The simplest answer is someone ripped Super 8 to their HDD but put it in a shared torrent folder(yes I believe that Howard or Beth use torrents the same as the rest of the world does.) never giving it a 2nd thought. The watermark is a non-issue under my theory as it was never intended to be uploaded.
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