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Some SFRT pics 5/31

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Abba, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Abba Full Member

    I had a blast last night. Thanks for having me on Mutt.
  2. Abba Full Member

    da ladies
  3. Abba Full Member

    No fish, just brownies!
  4. dmxerdark23 Full Member

    Who had the gross idea to touch erics sweaty head.
  5. Abba Full Member

    Jason's cool people.
  6. Shark58

    Shark58 SFN Gold Supporter

    I missed it but will catch the replay today

    doing SFRT is a pretty cool experience

    did you get the tour?
  7. Abba Full Member

    grillo's tats are fucked.

  8. Abba Full Member

    the host workin the eqipment
  9. Abba Full Member

    No, some shit with cabbie.
  10. Abba Full Member

    that's it.
  11. brokenbricks

    brokenbricks SFN Gold Supporter

    Cool pics. :tu:

    Who's the blaek chick?
  12. Shark58

    Shark58 SFN Gold Supporter

    nice pics

    my SFRT debut was the week the cabbie porno shit came out, no tours since

    sucks that the rule is still in place

    FUCK YOU LEE :hw:

  13. Mosey

    Mosey Closed by User

  14. Abba Full Member

    chicboheme, Elizabeth.
  15. Abba Full Member

    Right dude. Jason actually looked like he was wavering a little bit too, but I wasn't gonna push it. Everybody there was just cool as hell, very nice people. Jason actually looked like he lost weight and has kept it off.
    Maryanne is beautiful in person. When we were doing mic checks, she was singing her Howard songs and I begged her not to hit her normal octaves. :D
  16. Shark58

    Shark58 SFN Gold Supporter

    I haven't met Maryanne yet, but I hear she's cool in person.

    Jason really looks thin. Tov M'od.

    I see you touched HPE :es: :ps: :jj:
  17. OLD SCHOOL KAT Full Member

    Hey now, Thanks for the pics, Mary Anne is one hawt momma I must say. She is even better looking than I had remembered from other pics. Great job on the show by the way. Did HPE ask for donations of any sort? Ok Just wondering. He actually looks like a stand up Dude per se. Maybe my next trip to NYC I can do the show. ;)
  18. maloof

    maloof SFN Gold Supporter

    Looks like you had fun Abba :hw:
  19. trixdis Full Member

    Nice pics, man. Thank you for sharing.
  20. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    so that's maryanne?....hard to imagine that voice coming out of that head...hard to imagine that voice coming out of any head
  21. rizzo

    rizzo SFN Gold Supporter

    Great pics Abba. I met Maryanne last year and she's the sweetest person. I cringe when Artie calls her a cunt (then I laugh my ass off).
  22. MattyBags Full Member


    I'm in next week, can't wait!!!! :D
  23. blue2noise Full Member

    Damn, Mutt's losing weight by the shitload too. Karen Carpenter muthafucka!
  24. blue2noise Full Member

    Reason #101 for Cabbie to go away forever
  25. oldmanpops Full Member

    when i was there we got the tour of the rest of the floor...but no howard studio...that was off limits...:(

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