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Spazzmatazz vs Jeton

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Mutt, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Super Mario Full Member

    hahaha whatever you are already garanteed a blow job for all the nice compliments:)
  2. Dominic GPS Full Member


    people are horrified!

    just watch 9PM on HGTV ch.165 here on FIOS

  3. cookypuss Full Member

  4. Dominic GPS Full Member

    dude c'mon i only have one person on ignore
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  5. sdp80

    sdp80 Closed by User

    When I did a Google Image Search for "Jeton, THIS came up:



    I should have figured that the Freemasons were involved in this. I hate to rain on your parade "Jeton", but funtime is over. You won't be performing any of your weird Masonic rituals on MY watch, sicko. I'm going to expose you and the corrupt MKULTRA black ops puppetmasters that you've been brainwashed to shill for. I hope that thought pops into your head next time you're masturbating in a coffin with your Freemason buddies and it makes you go limp for a second.
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  6. Retarded Flu

    Retarded Flu Closed by User

    A novel idea...

    Here's a novel idea.

    1) Mutt DOESN'T need all this bullshit on his plate, running the message board and all the other stuff he does is enough for one man.

    2) If any poster causes ANY issues that Mutt has to deal with personally - (specifically possible legal issues) - they shoud be AUTOMATICALLY booted off the message board. Period. No exceptions. Forever.

    3) Any poster who brings shit such as "possible legal issues" to SFN is toast. Gone. Sayonara. Ba-Bye. The SFN doesn't need that shit, and too fucking bad if they don't like it. They can go start their own message board and stir up as much shit there as they like.

    Pretty simple solutions.
  7. Dominic GPS Full Member

    "wondrin..who's holdin donna now?"

  8. Dominic GPS Full Member

    "you are stupid"--jeton
  9. Dominic GPS Full Member

  10. nearly.normal Full Member

  11. nearly.normal Full Member

  12. nearly.normal Full Member

  13. nearly.normal Full Member

  14. nearly.normal Full Member

  15. kazoo Full Member

    This got boring again. Where did Mike and Mario go? I'm rooting for them to get together!
  16. nearly.normal Full Member

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  17. DeadBianca Full Member

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  18. kazoo Full Member

    Some of those guys are cute, but I prefer real men and most of them look very young.
  19. Retarded Flu

    Retarded Flu Closed by User

  20. Dominic GPS Full Member

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