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Speaking of Jerking-Off ... Do You Rub One Out in Front of Your Girlfriend/Wife?

Discussion in 'Old Chat' started by xiolablue, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. xiolablue Full Member

    I remember Gary telling the story of how he masturbates and I was disgusted.


    What the fuck is that all about? If my girlfriend wasn't in the mood for sex, I just masturbate in front of her. Usually the first time you try to do it, the chick gets insulted (probably because she sees intercouse as an act of love rather than just needing to blow your load.) But if you explain to her that you just need relief and get her involved in some way, you could jerk-off right on the bed with her next to you. Although I have never been able to pull off watching porn while I jerk-off next to her :(

    I got to find that show and post that segment. :btu:
  2. mobsmith Full Member

    i dont jack off in front of my gf
  3. Purity Knight Full Member

    Never have... I know its a pussy thing to do, but if the chick is not into it and I really need the RELIEF so I can sleep, I usually suffer and go to sleep. That's fucked up right?
  4. HayReTahd Full Member

    I do, she thinks it's sexy. I think it just saves her from being sore..... bitch!!
  5. Back2sleep

    Back2sleep SFN Supporter

    I rub one out in front of my girlfriend all the time, but never in
    front of my wife; That would just be wrong, and I'm a really
    moral person.
  6. Bud

    Bud SFN Gold Supporter

    The only time I jerk off in front of my wife is when she's helping out.

    If she's not into helping me out, I'm not gonna say, "Excuse me while I whip this out!", or chase her around the room yelling, "Watch this!".

    I guess the answer is yes. When she's into it.

    Otherwise, I wait until the coast is clear, and rub one out, when no one is near.
  7. fiuspacey Full Member

    Whenever my ex wasn't in the mood I would just start wacking it lying next to her in bed. After about ten seconds she would get so turned on and jump on me. It was a great way to get her wet.
  8. Mikey_a Full Member


    Just thought of "Me, Myself and Irene" when Carey wips it out at the train station...
  9. diamondschwin Full Member

    yes i have done it, she helped on clean up
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  10. Anarchess

    Anarchess SFN Gold Supporter

    :funny: You wish!
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  11. Jakyll Full Member

    if shes asleep who cares?
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  12. Arties Ball Bag Full Member

    If I am horny, Ill jerk my cock in front of my mom
  13. xiolablue Full Member

    I found it .... I have no respect for Bababooey :rolleyes:

  14. Master Dlobo

    Master Dlobo Closed by User

    Nice post. Gary has so many issues. A tissue is the way to go.

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