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Super Fan Roundtable Listening Thread - July 12th 2007

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by Mutt, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Mutt


    Super Fan Roundtable
    July 12th 7-8PM on Howard 101

    Guests: Zolar, Irish John, Zapruder Chris, & Pedro

    Sponsored by www.TSS-Radio.com

    Replays Friday afternoon @ 2PM and again at midnight

    - Short explanation of why Boots missed the show.

    - What did you think of the special format with the interviews through out?
    - Which was the best one & why?
    - They didn't play the 2 roasts that Bob felt didn't go well. What was different about those shows?
    - There were lots of great performances from every dais. Who killed on which roast?
    - Now that you've heard the best roasts again or should they push forward with another one?
    - Who should be next in the hot seat?
    - As a listener would the Roast Shows benefit from doing the show in the evening from a club?
    - These shows spanned the past year and a half. Did you notice anything different about the early shows?
    - Should Eric the Midget been bleeped out of the replays?

    - They've done the roasts, Beatles, spotlights, & music specials. What other themes could they do?
    - Be the program director, how would you handle the channels when the show is on break?

    BREAK #1

    - What's the best thing that's happened to you due to your connection to the Stern Show?
    - How the hell did you get your DVD into real stores?
    - I heard you just filmed a commercial. How do you get acting work? What else have you done?
    - All the guests need to have 2 questions ready

    - What do you picture the Stern Show VIPs doing over the break? (Howard, Artie, Robin, Fred, Gary, Benjy, Sal, & Richard)
    - Who do you think will come back with the best vacation stories?
    - Who will complain first about having to come back to work?

    BREAK #2

    - Bubba vs Ferrall
    - Howard 100 News vs The Wrapup Show

    - Jackie's Joke Hunt vs The Intern Show
    - Super Fan Roundtable vs Riley Martin
    - Andy Dick's Shit Show vs Greg Fitszimmons
    - Sour Shoes Hour vs Red Peters Show
    - Chuck Zito's View vs Miserable Men
    - Richard's Inside the Porn actors Studio vs Sal's Kill or be Killed
    - Meet the Shrink vs Sex Connection
    - Brent's Conspiracy Corner vs Brent's Basic Training
  2. Mutt


    If you'd like to be on the show, follow the directions and let me know.


    Go straight to the super fan roundtable forum - www.TheFanShow.com

    CALLING INTO THE SHOW: When calling into the show, there's no need to give shout outs to SFN or your friends on SFN. We don't have a ton of time so please don't waste any of it. We already have topics setup. Please be a good caller and respond to the topics. Thanks 1-888-STERN-101

    GETTING ON THE SHOW: Each week I start a roundtable brainstorming thread where the fans help build our topics and a listening thread where people discuss the show while it's happening. if you'd like to do the show, get in there and participate. once you've been around for awhile ask to be on the show and pick a date. there's a schedule posted in every brainstorming thread.

    GUESTS OF THE SHOW: The show airs from the Sirius studios in NYC Times Square. It's on the 36th floor of the McGraw Hill building on the corner of 49th & 6th in studio 21. Guests should be there at 6PM so we can do mic checks. The show goes live at 7PM. You can not bring any friends. our studio is very small and there's really no place for them. I'll need your full name in advance and you need to bring your ID for security. If I don't put you on the list and you don't have your ID, you will not be able to get in.

    This is an office and you are expected to be on your best behavior. It's not some free for all party. You shouldn't do anything that you would do when stopping by the bank. You cannot bring alcohol, take off your clothes, make noise, or bother people. I know you are a Stern fan but we're not out at the bar. You need to be cool. Don't stop them and ask for an autograph or photo. Everytime one of you misbehaves, I get a new rule to follow.

    You CAN NOT walk around Sirius. You will be escorted from the upstairs lobby to the studio and back out. Do not take it upon yourself to just walk around & check things out. Nobody is allowed to stop by other shows. DO NOT stop by Ferrall's studio under any circumstances even if you think it's OK. I've been told by management that it's not. If you'd like to be a guest on Ferrall, they need to put you on their guest list.

    You may take photos in the studio but please do not take pictures in the halls or lobby.

    DO NOT sign the wall.

    All plugs must be approved in advance. If you are going to be on the show and you have something to plug, you need to let me know the day before. ANYONE WHO PLUGS A WEBSITE OR BUSINESS WITHOUT PERMISSION WILL NOT BE INVITED BACK.
  3. Irish John

    Irish John Well-Known Member

    See you at Del frescos around 5PM Mutt !! Tell F...I mean Pedro to stop by
  4. Señor Pedro

    Señor Pedro
    SFN Staff

    Nos vemos alla Jon Irlandes! :bigup:
  5. AnfKid Full Member

    Good luck guys
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  6. Zena Buddysgirl

    Zena Buddysgirl
    SFN Staff

    pedro,good luck tonite ;)
  7. MattyBags Full Member

    Disapointed----------:down: :sk:

    But still IN~~ :kw:
  8. Señor Pedro

    Señor Pedro
    SFN Staff

    Gracias mi amor :wub:
  9. KilgoreTrout Full Member

    Kenneth Keith is gonna be on? NICE! Tell him i love his superman sketch. Also heres a question: exactly what is the origin of the Irish John/Joey Boots anger?
  10. deena Full Member

    I can't wait to hear my buddies Irish John and Zolar tonight! Rock on guys, love ya!
  11. SHUA1973

    SHUA1973 SFN Gold Supporter

    same reason boots hates AA, and Angry Shelly. but you notice how he hasn't brought them up in a while.
  12. Ponderous Full Member

    Can't wait! Love SFRT - that and Miserable Men are the best specialty shows on Howards channels!
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  13. MrJeff2000

    MrJeff2000 SFN Gold Supporter

    John in a bad spot - if he says ANYTHING about Joey, he's going to get killed online and next week when the show comes back.
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    • This user has been removed from public view.
  14. Mutt


    opps, 12th
  15. SleepingWarrior Full Member

    This going to be uncensored or are ya gonna have Tim breathing over your shoulder like he has been with Bubba as of late?
  16. mikesbandit Full Member

    Mutt seemed different during the SFRT commercial............. hopes he isn't too bummed without JB
  17. mikesbandit Full Member

    wow..................... dramatic opening, sounds like a Toyota commercial.
  18. Anarchess

    Anarchess SFN Gold Supporter

    Hi All! :hw:

    Boots is here!
  19. acefree Full Member

    now mutt knows what gary has to go through dealing with booking these wackpackers
  20. Rickles Full Member

    tubby homo? how rude...
  21. Zena Buddysgirl

    Zena Buddysgirl
    SFN Staff


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