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Superfan Roundtable tonight

Discussion in 'Super Fan Roundtable' started by JoeyBoots, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. JoeyBoots HATER

    Mutt is on.....along with our own MrJeff2000 and E! cameraman and heavy drinker Brian Phelan and Ralph Cirella......I had no idea this was on tonight....caught me off guard. :hw:
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  2. specialyetti Full Member

    I went to howard's site but didn't find the link to e-mail them. I never have any luck calling in.
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  3. suddz Full Member

    Was Copter on??
  4. Shamela

    Shamela SFN Gold Supporter

    I'm sure Mutt's doing great!

    Just wait until they get one of the SFN ladies in there to slice and dice Ralph!
  5. JoeyBoots HATER

    Shakira....yum :lick:

  6. AnfKid Full Member

    God Ralph sucks so bad. Everything about him is just pure poison.
  7. ChopperNY Full Member

    Ralph needs to get drunk...
  8. fahcue Full Member

    I think jack black is funny as fuck, and just because I like the stern show I am not going to have beef with Jack Black RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!

    Seriously I think people dick ride too much, you don't have to dislike someone because howard does.
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  9. JoeyBoots HATER

    Mutt is doing awesome....lots to say and full of facts......good stuff mutt. :tu:
  10. specialyetti Full Member

    Hey ralph just admited he's a slacker.
  11. Jonclod Full Member

    Jack Black is a boring radio interview. He was bad on Loveline too. He's good when he's running around acting a fool.
  12. piercer411 Full Member

    I'm sure he went ready to prove himself to Howard! He's definitely representing us well. btw after todays Fight song I'm not liking it as much...
  13. vegasbum Full Member

    i love him and his silly lissssp
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  14. Jonclod Full Member

    Ralph is a good target to have around. Cuz you can bash the hell out of him and he never seems phased by it. He was good with Sal's wife today on the Stern show.
  15. JoeyBoots HATER

    they put no heart in to it like we did last week. :no:
  16. specialyetti Full Member

    The song seem's out of place, Maybe they should try playing an overlayed part's of the round table talking . Like last night's fuck up at the beginning of last night's news.
  17. JakMaeofer Full Member

    ralph has great opinions,sometimes hes on for too long but when he called today to talk about sal n his wife it was great
  18. piercer411 Full Member

    I thought you might have been the driving inspiration for it. I feel like your good at hyping people up.
  19. JoeyBoots HATER

    they're doing sals marriage topic next....hahaha......damn mutt is holding his own and impreessing me......good going mutt! :tu:
  20. specialyetti Full Member

    [IMG] Mutt's kicking ass ,represent!

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