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That tatted baby.

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Morrisb, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Morrisb Full Member

  2. Artie'sLiver

    Artie'sLiver VIP: Worlds Greatest ETM Expert

    From what I have read in Spanish websites, the video was shot in Cuba. The mother is part of a cult led by a guy who was born here in Puerto Rico, I forget his name right now, I think its Jose De Jesus, but the guy says Jesus Christ reincarnated in him. Ive seen the guy interviewed in local TV. Everyone makes fun of him because he's a big fraud and he has at least 5,000 followers accross Latin America.

    I know for a fact that a few years ago his followers started tattooing themselves with the number 666, saying that it protected them from the devil. Reportedly the baby is being tattooed with the number 666. If its fake who knows, but that is all I know.
  3. Juju Alma

    Juju Alma Closed by User

    Interesting if true. I have heard of that guy. He claims to be the Antichrist (yawn). Some other unnamed internet user said it maybe for id purposes. Supposedly people disappear all the time in certain spanish speaking places.
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  4. Nick Mondo Full Member

    That kid needs to man the fuck up.
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  5. buckefilbert Full Member

    Super fake! Don't be fooled
  6. Fuggyou Full Member

    Don't they tattoo identical twin babies so the parents can keep track of who's who? or is that just folklore?
  7. Vidiot Full Member

    Could be worse. Could've been an on-camera circumcision.
  8. HarryKeogh Full Member

    I know two sets of identical twins and none of them have been tattooed.
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  9. TacoTico Full Member

    Here is a pic of the cult leader pointing out the tattoo he wants the baby to have:

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