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The Booey Ball Goes Back to NYC

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Mutt, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Mutt



    Taylor from mailed me the Booey Ball. It's the ball Gary "Baba Booey" Del'Abatte threw in his now famous Mets first pitch. (Video Below) Taylor purchased the ball at a charity auction & since it was sitting around his office doing nothing, he sent it my way to play with. I didn't know what to do w/ it so I took it up to NYC with me this week. Following is a photo journal of the journey.

    2012-06-13 15.50.04 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 16.22.27 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 16.35.05 (Custom).jpg

    2012-06-13 17.10.40 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 17.39.54 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 17.31.38 (Custom).jpg

    2012-06-13 17.33.29 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 18.26.53 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 18.33.17 (Custom).jpg

    2012-06-13 18.11.47 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 17.21.49 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 20.07.09 (Custom).jpg

    2012-06-13 20.05.38 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 18.17.04 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 18.13.58 (Custom).jpg

    2012-06-13 20.04.47 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 20.08.32 (Custom).jpg 2012-06-13 18.20.38 (Custom).jpg

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  2. Mutt


    he was trying to make the face booey made when he made the pitch. he's actually lost weight.
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  3. fatbastard Full Member

    Anytime you see a Sasquatch wearing a fucking circus tent for a shirt, it's probably Jason......
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  4. greenchicklets Full Member

    There's something about seeing High Pitched Mike fondling balls that is stomach-turning.
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  5. GoshGeeGolly Full Member

    Hey, I liked those pics and the Booey ball on tour!
  6. Puncher

    Puncher Closed by User

    One of the classic moments on the HSS...Stern and Artie blasting Gary for an hour about that pitch. I am sure Gary still has nightmares about it.
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  7. Howard Stearn

    Howard Stearn SFN Supporter

    Ban this asshole he's a fucking hater.:rolleyes:
  8. john donofrio Probationary Member

    ya think well ever see the booey ball on pawnstars. "ill give you bout $50 for it. ok i just ripped you off lets go do some paperwork"-oldman
  9. Jerry O'Connell Full Member

    jason kaplan is easily the most disturbing looking person on the show
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  10. taker77 Full Member

    "That's the gayest thing I've ever seen and I once saw a guy suck a cock."

    Thanks for posting the video, Mutt. I had never actually seen the pitch before.
  11. Quibbins Full Member


    I laughed.
  12. Jack Mehoffer Full Member

    Any thread about booey's gay pitch needs the audio -

  13. tuhindo82 Probationary Member

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  14. Von Lincoln Probationary Member

    That's awesome. Thanks for the photo diary. Most of what I took from that is those cupcakes must be incredible
  15. honeybunny Full Member

    I could watch that clip 1000 times.

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