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The Celebrity Impression Contest

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by rpinata, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. rpinata Full Member

    I think that was one of the funniest bits in quite a while. Curious if that was all really off-the-cuff stuff though.
    Either way. Good.
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  2. Andrew Dice clay

    Andrew Dice clay Closed by User

    The Obama guy was funny as hell. Really sounded like him.
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  3. kenshiro Full Member

  4. homerjs Full Member

    Best contest in years. Very funny!

    They should be regulars, instead we will get more Bobo.
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  5. JustinStLouis

    JustinStLouis Closed by User

    It didn't interest me so I skipped it. Will have to go back and take a listen.
  6. mrblack66 Full Member

    cant think of a better contest made for radio
    my vote would have gone to norm/dice
  7. bluedevil30 Full Member

    Obama dude has great material:

    "I want to build a bridge to the future for people to jump off and sleep under"
    "I ask all Americans to stop looking for work so the unemployment rate will go down"
    "America leads the way in manufacturing "Made In China" labels""

    Truely funny stuff
  8. Robins34Gs Full Member

    Norm Macdonald guy was awful
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  9. moneymaker Full Member

    The banter between the President Obama impressionist and Rachel was priceless and ROTFLOL funny
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  10. Robins34Gs Full Member

    Agreed. The third, bitter guy took the air out pretty badly. His impressions were terrible.
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  11. boeing46 Full Member

    Excellent bit with some very talented folks.
  12. Sauce on Side 24 Full Member

    I wish the one dude would have done more Morgan Freeman. He was awesome!!!!
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  13. Eric The Liar Full Member

    Terrific segment! A+
  14. disbanded Full Member

    I really loved it. Laughed my ass off.

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