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The new look Munsters

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Artie'sLiver, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. ricky

    ricky SFN Gold Supporter

    Beverley Owen, the first Marilyn was even prettier and sexier than the second Marilyn. She was a brunette and fucking beautiful. I think she lasted about half a season.
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  2. Grinspoon Full Member

    Ok it's less mundane than the picture looks.

  3. Anarchist86ed Full Member

    No shit? Since when???? I totally want to tell him sliders kicked ass! You know... season one and two anyway. After the professor died it sucked hard Kromag balls.
  4. ObeseBlackWoman

    ObeseBlackWoman SFN Supporter

    Yes. It was called "The New Leave it to Beaver".
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  5. snowdog212

    snowdog212 SFN Gold Supporter

    Portia De Rossi is so fucking hot
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  6. Anarchist86ed Full Member

    You, uh... know what she goes to bed with... right?
  7. Sarcastro Full Member

    I can't believe this has been cancelled already. Whuda thunk? I mean with Grandpa in drag and all.
  8. defhermit Full Member

    That's Eddie Izzard I think. He's actually really funny.
  9. horizonrusted Full Member

    If they can remake the Munsters as monsters & do as badly as they did in the 80s, I'd be willing to give the new Munsters not as monsters a shot. Also, I disagree with Howard that the Munsters movies sucked. I thought the first one was great, the second one not so bad either. Partly because they didn't make the mistake they made with Gilligans Island & make the remake 15years after the end of the original. The 1st movie was made right after the series ended.
  10. horizonrusted Full Member

    Loved that show. Much better than the new Munsters. They had all the original cast back, except for Hugh Beaumont (who had died). Wally was a widow, Beaver a divorcee or somethn' like that. Much better than the new Munsters.
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  11. shinerod Full Member

    Next they'll remake King Kong...
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  12. ObeseBlackWoman

    ObeseBlackWoman SFN Supporter

  13. shinerod Full Member

    The new grampa's a faeg...
  14. shinerod Full Member

    Biden can play the shitstain in Herman's underpants. It's a perfect match!
  15. boeing46 Full Member

    Some of our old favorites should be left alone. The were unique for their time just the way we like to remember them. These remakes usually end quickly because they just aren't very good.
  16. njguy8 Full Member

    Looks more like the Addam's Family than the Munsters.
  17. horizonrusted Full Member

    Ah yes. Jason Bateman & the Beaver's oldest boy got me through puberty. And yes, so did Scott Baio & Willy Aames. Nicole who? Eghert what?
  18. horizonrusted Full Member

    That role is already being played by Romney's tax plan.
  19. SuzieLange Probationary Member

    Jesus, how many failed shows has Jerry O'Connell been in? When's he gonna stop attaching himself to shitty shows?
  20. ObeseBlackWoman

    ObeseBlackWoman SFN Supporter

    When Rebecca says he can.
  21. defhermit Full Member

    Bumping this just in case anyone else on the west coast is watching this. It's on right now.

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