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The NHL Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Ferrall' started by WhatRUSaying, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Anus Full Member

    The on-ice officials disagree with you, because they ruled it an instigator.

    How that translates to a suspension: read the excerpt I posted above. It does not mention intent, although they did leave themselves a little wiggle room with the "etc". Pretty weird to see that in a rulebook, actually...
  2. stvn6165 Full Member

    first off, malkin should have been suspended for one game- per the rules. i think it would light a fire udner the pen's ass, myself...
    as long as mr bettman runs this league, it will always be a garage league. when he sold the nhl up the river to versus/nbc, he sold the nhl fan bases' soul to the devil. the tv coverage sucks now. the next three finals games on versus- what a joke. you only get versus as an ala carte channel in most markets. and god forbid, you pre-empt any prime time coverage on nbc for some half ass hockey game...
  3. hockeyman Full Member

    Decent game last night. Lots of posts. Both goalies made some great saves. Pittsburgh has got to score a real goal soon. Zetterberg is doing a great job on Crosby, so is Lidstrom. On the Malkin/Zetterberg thing. No way in hell does Malkin get suspeneded. If the league rescinded the suspension of Scott Walker for sucker punching Ward, there's no way they can suspend Malkin. If they hadn't rescinded Walker's, I would have no problem with Malkin getting one too. For me, this series is pretty much over, I just hope Pit makes it exciting. No way the Wings blow a 2 game lead.
  4. hockeyman Full Member

    I know what you mean Jason, on how the refs usually let that go. It's more of a personal pet peeve of mine. You see all players do that thing where they have the puck and they take one hand off the stick and block the Dman. My problem is that whenever a Dman takes his hand off his stick to get position on a guy, it's usually an automatic penalty. And a lot of those "hooking" penalties on players are when a guy has his arm out and the Dman tries to reach around him and the guy clamps his arm down on the stick. It just annoys me and of course it happens in virtually every game.
  5. JoeJewnose Full Member

    Unless the Wings stop playing, I'm thinking this will be Wings in five. I'm assuming the Pens will take one game at home- they just have to.
  6. JasonS Full Member

    The actual rule for the instigator penalty leaves room for interpretation of intent. The part about a suspension in the last 5 minutes is black and white. The issue in this case is whether Malkin should have even received the instigator. The league doesn't think he should have and I am ok with that.
  7. Busches04 Full Member

    Another frog is set to become the Canadiens head coach. TSN is reporting that Jaques Martin is going to be announced as the new head coach of the Montreal Canadiens and he, along with GM Bob Gainey will be fired in about 9 months from now.
  8. Garvej Full Member

    I love that it irks you so bad that the Pens jobbed the fuck out of the Craps.

    Personally, I think you have the hots for Sidney Crosby, since you are so fixated on him, like your post on his "DSL's" in another thread. I'll bet you spend hours beating off to him.

    How else would it explain your fascination with him being "gay" and with your username, Anus?
  9. MAGUSofHELLVIEW Full Member

    hey Anus, i live down the street from Sid, want me to give him your number? Maybe you two can hang out at Mario's
  10. Ervin316 Full Member

    I wonder what the over/under is on how many days, months, or years it takes for him to get shitcaned
  11. Wingnut19 Full Member

    Great analogy. You just might be on to something.
  12. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    I know Jaques Martin did not get the job done in Florida. Just looking at his numbers he has not had a losing season since the 97-98 season and before that with some bad Senator teams.

    However, he did not lead the Panthers to the playoffs once. I would not label him as getting canned right away. Let's wait until the draft and free agency before we kill him.

    Montreal is going to be a totally different team with all their free agents.

    I did think Carboneau got screwed last year and Gainey did very little with the Habs in the playoffs.
  13. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    I think the Coyotes would only go to KC if the new owner wants that. The Coyotes do not charge for parking, which is a huge mistake if a team wants to make money. The Coyotes have been rebuilding for a long time. They don't have passionate fans that will go to games if they lose. If they win it would be a better hockey town.

    No question Winnipeg would have to renovate or get a new arena. The problem is the population is not that great in Winnipeg. You would think a Canadian city that loses a team, gets it back would probably do their damnest to never let that team move again.

    Hawks news from

    According to several published reports, the Chicago Blackhawks are trying very hard to get star winger Martin Havlat signed to a new contract.
    Havlat can become an unrestricted free agent July 1 if he isn't locked up to a new deal.

    The Chicago Sun-Times reported over the weekend that the two sides are trying to get a deal ironed out.

    "We want Marty back," Blackhawks GM Dale Tallon told the paper. "We'll keep working to get it done."

    Meanwhile, the Ottawa Sun reported today that Havlat's agent, Allan Walsh, will meet with Tallon tonight in Pittsburgh to see if they can come to terms on a long-term contract.
  14. Petey Arms

    Petey Arms Closed by User

    Balsillie takes next step in moving Coyotes

    Jim Balsillie, the co-CEO of BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, formally filed a relocation application with the NHL on Monday, another step in his quest to move the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes to Hamilton, Ont.

    "I'm 100 percent prepared to play by all the league's rules and follow all its by-laws," Balsillie told Newsday on Monday. "This (relocation application) is just another compliance aspect. To the best of our knowledge, we've complied with all the rules."

    This is Balsillie's third attempt to buy an NHL team and relocate it to Hamilton in the last five years -- he made a bid for the then-bankrupt Penguins in 2004, but rescinded it when he could not commit to keeping the team in Pittsburgh; he also tried to buy the Nashville Predators in 2007 but was thwarted by the league. The Coyotes are in debt and in turmoil, after principal owner Jerry Moyes filed for bankruptcy a month ago in an attempt to turn the team over to Balsillie for $212.5 million rather than go through the league.

    Since then, the dispute between NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and Balsillie, who angered the commissioner during the attempted Predators sale by signing up season-ticket subscribers in Hamilton before any transaction had been completed, has seemingly become a personal feud, with Bettman seeking to keep Balsillie out of the league at all costs.

    "I don't want to make this sound personal about Jim, because Jim's not the issue," Bettman said on Saturday in Detroit, before Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final. "But at the end of the day the owners, if they get to that point, are going to have to review him as a potential partner in the league. Whether or not they have questions about how he might be as a partner is something they'll have to raise with him at the time."

    The Phoenix bankruptcy court is due to rule whether the league or Moyes is in charge of the Coyotes on June 9. The NHL says it has a tentative agreement with a group that includes White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf to keep the team in Arizona. Balsillie is hopefuly not to be shut out yet again, despite seemingly angering Bettman and the league's owners by circumventing the buying process with bankruptcy.

    "I assure you I tried to find a front door to bring this process forward. I couldn't find a front door," he said. "This was the only way."
  15. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    I think the Pens are in deep trouble too, but you are never out of it until you lose on home ice. The Pens have played with the Wings. Fleury has given up some bad goals and that is the difference in this series as of now. Osgood has outplayed Fleury.

    What more can Crosby do to save Pens?
  16. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    This is what Bettman said: "I don't want to make this sound personal about Jim, because Jim's not the issue," Bettman said

    What he really meant is, "This guy is a fucking asshole; I don't want him in my league, and don't want him moving the Coyotes to Hamilton. :D
  17. Busches04 Full Member

    Here is a question for you: If Fleury continues to let in soft goals and the Pens eventually lose because of those soft goals, does Shero take a good hard look at shopping him around? Because it will be two trips in a row and two Cup losses and people will not be happy.
  18. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    I don't think so. Fleury is signed up until the 2015/16 season and being paid over 5 million dollars. Fleury had a good finals last year and there is no reason he can't get better in this series. Having said that, it has to happen tomorrow night.

    I have to give more credit to the Wings on this one. They are stopping a potent offense. If the Pens got 3 to 4 goals they would have a chance to win all these games. 1 goal a game is not it cutting right now.
  19. Anus Full Member

    No thanks.

    I'm just delighted to see Pens fans unhappy. Don't worry -- it'll all be over soon...
  20. Anus Full Member

    Yes, so Campbell is essentially overruling a call by the on-ice officials.

    Malkin should also be up for an automatic 1-game suspension because his jersey came off.

    Doesn't seem right to me.

    Anyone know if they amended the box score?
  21. mikesbandit Full Member

    another shovel full of dirt dug out of Bettman's grave..... NHL owners are frothing at the mouth to have Balsille as an owner. Apparently Bettman gave Balsille the run-down of what steps he needed to take to purchase the Predators and then backdoored him with a different ownership group.... ever since, there has been friction.
  22. Garvej Full Member

    Perhaps it will be...but I am happy. Happy that the Penguins came back from the despair of 10th place in the East and beat both my two most hated teams in hockey, the Flyers and the Caps. It was gravy that they swept the Canes on the way to the Cup Finals.

    I will be ecstatic if they can make a series of this (and they just might), and overjoyed if they could make it all the way back and hoist the Cup. That being said, Detroit is an absolute machine, and they have their reputation and are the defending champs for a reason.

    Get ready...they will be a thorn in your side for a long long time. They're a young team that will continue to make runs each year. They may have to take a step back in order to take that final step forward, but you can bet your ass they'll get there, and the object of your obsession will be hoisting that Cup sooner or later.

    It's a pity that you try to take joy in others' (percieved) sadness.
  23. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    Garvej: I think it is time that everyone ignores Anus. He has an agenda. The act will get old. To acknowledge this guy anymore is a waste of time. I have tried to have a debate, but he just wants to whine about his hatred towards the Pens.

    I can understand a little if anyone hates a team, but bring more to the table than that.

    You have to understand people in DC hardly cared about hockey even with most of their playoff runs in the 80's and 90's. They are better fans with Ovechkin on their team.

    They also have blown 2-0 series leads to the Pens at least 3 times and 3-1 series leads to the Pens twice. I guess you can understand that someone is so bitter towards any team.

    I really can't be bitter over any team in the NHL, but you get that from some nut jobs. :eek:
  24. bigben07 Full Member

    you dont think NBC told the nhl "no way will you play games that might interfere with the launching of late night with conan"
    hence game 1 and 2 being played back to back and the fact that 3,4,5 will be played on versus
  25. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    I could be wrong on this, but I think Versus only has games 3 and 4. If there are games 5-7, then those would be on NBC.

    This was the first year in a while where the network had the first 2 and cable had the next 2. Usually the cable network has the first 2 and the network has the last 5.

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