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The NHL Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Ferrall' started by WhatRUSaying, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    Interesting stuff. I did not know that NY would get a gambling facility until listening to Francesa today. I don't know if that is a guarantee that NY will get it?

    The Islanders and the town of Hempstead better act soon or Wang has the right to sell the Isles, and could mean bye bye to hockey on Long Island.

    The Pens had a decent PK toward the end of the 2nd.

    Still tied at 2!! The Pens need at least 3 for this to be a series.
  2. Stevie

    Stevie SFN Gold Supporter

    3rd period tied...WHOOOO HOOOOO! I love PLAYOFF hockey!
  3. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    We want to see lots more playoff hockey, so you are rooting for the Pens!!! Thanks Stevie!!!

    Osgood with a nice save.
  4. MartyBrodeur30 Full Member

    The Wings owned that 2nd period. They are an amazing team. They just seem too fast for the Pens D. Good luck WRU, I'm rooting for the Pens just so there will be some drama in this series.
  5. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    MartinB, Good to see you. I know the Pens are playing a world class team. The Wings are so dynamic and just know how to play. They make a lot of teams look bad. If the Pens can get a break and shoot more maybe this could be a series. I hope so. I don't want the hockey season to end just yet. :blink:
  6. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    Yes, that is what I have said. Shoot the puck from the point. That is how you beat Osgood!!!!

    3-2!!!!!!! P E N S!!!!!!!
  7. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    Boys and girls we have a series!!!!! Empty netter!!!!!!!!

    Talbot again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4-2 Pens!!!!

    Thanks god; this was exhausting to watch!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. MartyBrodeur30 Full Member

    Pens keep their season alive tonight, now if they can win the next 3 games my prediction of Pens in 6 will be right. I know that's not likely but at least we have a series.
  9. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    I had the same prediction. If that happens I would be ecstatic. This Wings team is not going die. They played their asses off. The Pens need another win come Thursday!!!

    A big one tonight. Here is a song for the Pens supporters!!!!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Aerosmith-Back in the Saddle (Again)[/ame]
  10. Busches04 Full Member

    A series? Give me a break here. The Penguins got lucky and the Wings will hoist the Cup once again in the face of Crosby, this time at Joe Louis Arena.
  11. MartyBrodeur30 Full Member

    I wonder what are Anus' thoughts on the game?

    It's probably something like: "I'm knowledgable. Pens suck. Gonchar's GW goal was on the PP so it's obvious that the refs are on the Pens side. I'm a low life."

    I actually can't wait for the game on Thursday. Pens have to use the crowd again and come out flying and if they get the lead try to hold for more than a minute.

    I'm too lazy to look but I wonder what the Wings record in the playoffs is, over the last 2 years, when coming off a loss. They will be scary good on Thursday.
  12. Fluck Full Member

    Yeah, when the NHL bends over backwards to help the Pens. Malkin had 3 assists but should have been sitting the game out. Fuckin bullshit.
  13. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    I am just excited to see the Pens win. The Pens played Detroit tough at The Joe. Geez you are allowed to give the Pens a little credit.

    A lot of people did not give the Pens respect last year and started to count them out this year. It ain't over yet!
  14. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    It is unbelieveable that the Pens win a game can always harp so much bitterness. It's one game!!!

    Fluck, who is your team?
  15. Anus Full Member

    First of all, fuck you. "Low life"...What the fuck?

    I was playing hockey and missed the whole thing.

    I did see that Shrek got 3 assists while he shouldn't have even been playing in the game tonight. Thanks, Campbell. Thanks, Bettman.

    I never came on here claiming to be an expert, but everyone keeps accusing me of having limited hockey knowledge. Not sure what that's all about. If I've said anything that's factually incorrect, please let me know.
  16. Anus Full Member

    Finally, someone else with some sense.
  17. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    You woke up the sleeping dog. :D MartinB you are a psychic!! :D

    The Wings are a solid team and don't take anything away from them.

    All I get from Wings fans or Pens haters is wah wah wah! That is when the Pens win.

    When the Wings win I praise the heck out of them.

    I challenge the first Wings fan or Pens hater to give some tiny props for the Pens. :D

    Come on let's see it!!!!
  18. Garvej Full Member

    Pens will have to bring their A+++++ game if they want to take another game at home on Thursday! Mad Max with a HUGE game and they'll need someone else to step up for game #4.

    Way to go Pens!
  19. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    The guy that needs to start stepping up has got to be Crosby. He has been quiet in this series. The Wings are doing a hell of a job on him this series. The Wings definitely have their eye on him. That is helping Malkin in this series.

    This series is far from being tied because this Wings team is that good.

    I know all of us hockey fans are happy this was not a sweep. Even our Pens haters for sure!!! ;)
  20. Stevie

    Stevie SFN Gold Supporter

    oh well...

    still up 2~1!

    F you refs!
  21. MartyBrodeur30 Full Member

    Honestly, I haven't been on here as much since the Devils disaster but I have noticed a few of your posts. They all consist of you bashing the Penguins and complaining about Crosby, the refs, Colin Campbell, Gary Bettman etc.

    You may be a great hockey fan and you may be very knowledgable but on this thread you come off as a whiny bitch. I think that's why people question your knowledge and seem to find you irritating. I know one Pens fan that is consistently on this thread and that's WRUS. He is a good guy and a good fan and you seem to be busting his balls for some reason. I guess it's because the Pens beat the Caps. I'm all for talking shit but you are just being a douche.

    We get it. You hate the Pens. The NHL wants them to win, that's why they have the refs fix the games. Crosby whines. Malkin should've been suspended. Write about something else, unless you are just a one trick pony.
  22. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    MartinB, well written. :tahdah:I could not have said it any better than what you said. I love talking about the league and all teams. When I have people come in here and just whine about a particular team it gets very old and stale.

    It pisses almost everybody off. If he was ripping on a team that I do not like I still would not like it.

    Folks enjoy the hockey. It's an exciting sport no matter what team you root for. :)
  23. freds yogurt

    freds yogurt SFN Gold Supporter

    2008... wings win first two games, pens take game 3 at home. looks very familiar.

    congrats to pens fans, good hockey all around.
  24. WhatRUSaying Full Member

    Thanks Fred!! That is what I like to see. A Wings fan taking the high road.

    The Wings are a fantastic team and have been that way for a long time.

    No matter who we are rooting for we did not want to see a sweep. This is good for hockey and good for hockey fans.
  25. mikesbandit Full Member

    Just got back from Calder Cup Final game #2. Manitoba pulled it out in the last minute to win the game. Great rink, awesome atmosphere. Winnipeg needs an NHL team again. Real hockey fans here that deserve top-notch hockey.
    Canucks should be able to get something significant for goalie Cory Schnieder; he's been awesome this playoff, Cody Hodgeson looked cool like a veteran tonight; he's going to make a very good pro.

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