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*** The Official 2007 Boston Celtics Thread ***

Discussion in 'Scott Ferrall' started by EMFBoss, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. KMSDEMON Full Member

    or Red :D
  2. DestroVega Full Member

    leprechaun must have been asleep the last 6 years....
  3. oneldef Full Member

    For a guy who "doesn't care who wins the game", you're making quite a few anti-Boston remarks. Methinks your NY jealousy is coming out. :jj:

    How did the Knicks do today?
  4. Stevie

    Stevie SFN Gold Supporter

    Hi Boston :hw:

    Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetroit basketBALL!!!

  5. A.Lang=Crazy Full Member

    House steal and thats the game. House and Brown were the difference in this game. Good win by the Celtics, but they better play better on the road if they want to beat the Pistons.
  6. Wicked Red Sox

    Wicked Red Sox Closed by User

    14 games is gunna take a toll on a team i don't care how good you are
  7. KMSDEMON Full Member

    we'll be waiting :hw:
  8. chicagoirishtim Full Member

    the Celtics aren't that good
  9. oneldef Full Member

    The Celtics are in a LOT of trouble if Ray Allen plays the same way against Cleveland. They better win one on the road or Boston could be in trouble.
  10. oneldef Full Member

    Better than the shitty Bulls :jj:
  11. KMSDEMON Full Member

    1 game at a time.
  12. KingOfAllMedia

    KingOfAllMedia SFN Supporter

    See you Tuesday!!! :hw:
  13. KingOfAllMedia

    KingOfAllMedia SFN Supporter

    Quit trolling douchebag, we already have one nuge, don't need another brainless moron. :rolleye2:
  14. DestroVega Full Member

    No, I just don't take the Celtics all that seriously as title contenders.

    I'm pretty sure the Pistons will win a game in Boston, let's see if they can take one in Detroit.

    As Far as Boston/NY rivalry, I only have a Red Sox rivalry in my head... I don't hate all things Boston. I wanted the Patriots to go 19-0 until all the fans got way too cocky going into the Super Bowl... then I wanted the Giants to beat them.

    As for my other opinions on the Celtics, I have made my opinion heard before. A lot of people bash the Knicks here, but the Celtics were essentially the Knicks until McHale gave them a gift in Garnett. I just think, if your team was as bad as the Knicks for 6 years, how can you be bashing them so hard when A) who cares about the Knicks, worry about real teams you need to contend with and B) you were just in their position last year.

    It's just slightly annoying, there are no Celtics fans worth a damn anywhere for the last few years and now people are acting like they have been diehards their whole life...

    And some of you have, I'm sure... I'm just saying in general.

    So, that's my true opinion on the Celtics... if they go on to win the whole thing then I will just eat my words... but I don't take them seriously until they win a few road games. I think the Pistons will beat them.

    EDIT: Also, I'm not a Knicks fan... I have no favorite NBA team and I don't like any other New York team other than the Yankees... I'm a 49ers fan cause it was basically the team I saw most when I was a kid.
  15. ChronoSkooma17 Full Member

    Now go beat Detroit :giggle:

    King Kobe will be waiting
  16. elway0798 Full Member

    It's on tuesday Boston

  17. DobieGillis

    DobieGillis Closed by User

    Gratz, Boston. I got to give the next series to Detroit, 4-2.
  18. NiceFace Full Member

    YAAAAAA baby.
    ok..a day or breathing n relaxation..then it BEGINS
  19. ChronoSkooma17 Full Member

    No mistakes against the Pistons :munch:
  20. KMSDEMON Full Member

    i guess i have to start calling him queen.
  21. nedmark61 Full Member

    good game.... cavs lost, losing gibson hurt us pretty bad... but no excuses..... good series in the conference finals coming......
  22. stormodin Full Member




    you cant handle the truth!

    good luck sir!
  23. KingOfAllMedia

    KingOfAllMedia SFN Supporter

    Good thing nobody cares about your true opinion.
  24. stormodin Full Member

    did anyone actually read all that? LOL
  25. oneldef Full Member

    As usual, I agree with some of you wrote. But with the best record in the NBA regular season and home court advantage throughout the playoffs, how can they not be title contenders...there are only 4 teams left (after tomorrow)! You don't have to think they are the favorites to win it...but not contenders :bigthink: Really?! C'mon.

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