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The Official 2009 Boston Red Sox Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Ferrall' started by KingOfAllMedia, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. KingOfAllMedia

    KingOfAllMedia SFN Supporter

    Exactly one year ago today, the 2008 thread was made.

    It turned out to be a roller coaster season, with plenty of blame to go around:


    That ended with the unthinkable, that no Red Sox, Yankees, Blue Jays, or Orioles fan could've ever imagined:


    The Sox did not raise the 2009 ticket prices, they are the same as 2008:


    The 2009 schedule is as follows:




    Will Tek be back? Will DLowe return? Will the Sox sign another bat to supplement Big Papi? Will the AL MVP have another outstanding season? Will Beckett return with a vengence? Will the bullpen get back to 2007 form? We shall see.
  2. mobsmith Full Member

    Anyone but the Sox or Yanks in '09.
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  3. Case a Beer Full Member

  4. Case a Beer Full Member

  5. jobbey Full Member

  6. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    then let me apologize in advance :D ....and i'm not apologizing for the yankees..they're a non-issue as far as the al east is concerned these days
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  7. tgs38 Full Member

    I'm looking forward to next year. I wanna see if the Rays can continue to get better or if they will sink again.
  8. Hapster Full Member

    The Yankees are your #1 concern as you will prove the whole 2009 season with the comments you will be making in EVERY Yankee thread!
  9. DestroVega Full Member

    I hate to agree but unless the Yankees start getting some Starting Pitching, they won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
  10. stormodin Full Member

  11. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    making fun of the yankees shouldn't be confused with concern :)
  12. nuge67 Full Member

  13. mobsmith Full Member

    I'd take the Sox winning over the Yanks any day.
  14. nuge67 Full Member

  15. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    ^where, at least, 9 redsox victories will be in 2009
  16. Case a Beer Full Member

    nuge posted a picture of the new Yankee stadium, like that's supposed to mean something.

    Is that new field going to be pitching in the rotation?
  17. KingOfAllMedia

    KingOfAllMedia SFN Supporter

    :jj: Like a moth to a flame. Look at all the Yankee fans posting on the first page, haha. Yet, the Sox are insignificant to them. :rolleye2:

    We should thank him for posting a few pics of Fenway Park West.
  18. oneldef Full Member

    Remember when Red Sox fans were jealous of the Yankee success? That was a loooong time ago. I think it's funny how bitter and obsessive the Yankee fans have really become. The fact that as baseball fans the only way they could find joy was to live thru the Rays' success in the ALCS really tells you something. Pretty sad. :jj:
  19. Apoc13

    Apoc13 SFN Supporter

    # ESPN's Buster Olney says the Red Sox will meet with C.C. Sabathia within the next few days. It's unknown whether they have serious interest.

    # Olney adds that the Sox hope to sign Kevin Youkilis and Jon Lester long-term, in the wake of the Dustin Pedroia deal. Peter Gammons suggested a deal for Youkilis could get done quickly.

    # Amalie Benjamin of the Boston Globe says GM Theo Epstein has prioritized catching. Epstein suggested more catchers may be available in trade than people think.

    # Benjamin says the Red Sox also want to add a right-handed hitting outfielder who can play center (such as Rocco Baldelli) and a corner infielder. Trade talks with the Tigers for Julio Lugo have broken down.

    # Epstein indicated to Benjamin that certain free agent pitchers will "dominate for years to come," and that's the type he's interested in. He also said an eight-to-ten year deal for a free agent is unlikely, but Benjamin says not to rule out Mark Teixeira.

    # Epstein said at a press conference yesterday that the team's Junichi Tazawa signing was made possible in part by the Daisuke Matsuzaka signing a few years back. Dice-K and Hideki Okajima could be reasons Tazawa turned down more money from the Rangers. Tazawa may begin his career in Double A.
  20. Hapster Full Member

    The ONLY reason we bother to pay attention to the Sox now is because after what, 80 yrs or so, the Sox FINALLY made it a rivalry. If I was getting pounded year after year after year after year I think I would step my game up a bit? Better late than never I guess? Congrats Sox!
  21. kelzo88 Full Member

    Re: `°º¤ø,¸OFFICIAL¸,ø¤º°` 2009 Boston Red Sox Thread

    Nice jump on the thread KOAM. I was thinking of starting one the other night but thought I wasn't worthy enough..I'd leave it for you or Case.. This kid Takawa looks like a good grab.. we need a good solid catcher...

    P.S. Nice Amsterdam pics, thanks... I have to get my ass out there..been to Vegas 6 times, so I need a change. I'm not a weed smoker, but live for pussy & beer
  22. otto02 Full Member

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.............................looking forward to a great '09. Have all the confidence that the team Theo puts on the field will contend for the title. Let's go Sox.
  23. kelzo88 Full Member

    Agree 100%. I've learned to put just about all of my trust in Theo.
  24. KingOfAllMedia

    KingOfAllMedia SFN Supporter

    Re: Re: `°º¤ø,¸OFFICIAL¸,ø¤º°` 2009 Boston Red Sox Thread

    Haha, that was KOAW (the Mets fan) that went to Amsterdam, the lucky bastard! Where is the pics thread, I haven't come across it.

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