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The sexxxtons

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by HHH1, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. HHH1 Full Member

    Oh Christ I was laughing SO DAMN HARD.
    I haven't laughed that hard since the Sal-Lieberman rap battle.
    Frankly I think the mother blows away the daughter.
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  2. Slayer Full Member

    If you're into Granny porn I guess. Daughter is much better, really pissed that Howard completely ignored the sybian suggestion. :mad:
  3. bluedevil30 Full Member

    The most unsexual porn interview yet, it was almost clinical. This should have been a classic and it turned out to be a dud.
  4. A.J. Full Member

    horrible, just horrible. can't believe it made it to the best of the week, but it was slim pickins' this week. way too long as well.
  5. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    The boss has decreed no more Symbian rides ...on her
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  6. Steelerfanatic Full Member

    Forgot or chose not to ask the women to get even partially naked?
  7. Juju Alma

    Juju Alma Closed by User

    I wish I laughed that easily..
    Can't wait to ignore the Sexxxtons HTVOD episode.
  8. !!!kaboom!!! Full Member

    I think Sybian rides, homeless quiz shows and live goofing on retards is now out due to AGT.

    I liked the Sexxxtons, though. The younger one is a winner.
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  9. boeing46 Full Member

    I am surprised Howard still includes this kind of content because of his AGT job. Incest has been a novelty topic in the past but that's how he's gotten the satan label. It crosses a certain line but some how they find a way to make it ok because they don't swap spits etc.. Strange shit if you ask me. I am far from a prude but this mother/daughter, mother/son, father/daughter or brother/sister stuff just isn't fun or funny.
  10. skippydog49 Full Member

    I thought the mom was much hotter, the daughter looked "off".
  11. Mama Lucian

    Mama Lucian Suicide by Mod

    They were going on about how they won't touch each other and guys have to shower before they share. That's bullshit. You can find these girls on porn sites getting fucked up pretty rough and being made to do things they claimed they do not do. From the looks of it, probably a few years ago at least, before they decided to become the "Sexxxtons".
  12. nearly.normal Full Member

    I lasted 15 minutes. Then could hardly find the end. Fukin thing went on forever.
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  13. DrugDealer Full Member

    I found this segment annoying. I was pretty much doodling while listening to it. Porn stars are so dull.


    I prefer the mom, BTW. :drinkcoffee: :showoff:
  14. !!!kaboom!!! Full Member

    I judge a "great" interview as one that I will listen to again in repeats. This was not in that category. It was good, though. I prefer these type interviews over gossipy B lister interviews. You know, name droppers like Kathy Griffin. I really don't like Jimmy Kimmel, ether.
  15. Captain Haddock Full Member

    Is that Lisa G on the left in a black wig????
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  16. Ryan_lever UnDead

  17. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    you mean your mom? :idk:
  18. HHH1 Full Member

    Best line by the daughter: "I think someone else is getting hot and turned on!"
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  19. HHH1 Full Member

    After a while, every time Monica started laughing, I started laughing.
    Monica could be a comic as well.
    To me it was a riot hearing Howard asking Monica these serious, clinical questions and she just shoots back with these dirty one liners....
    HOWARD: "Ok Monica, so heres the scene, the guy Rwalks in, and yells,"you two ran up my credit card!!"..and he gets angry, but then actually he starts getting raged and turned on......."
    MONICA: "Actually I think someone else is getting raged and turned on!"
    HA HA HA HA....
  20. Slayer Full Member

    The daughter's face is a bit off, but the body is tight, and the mom's face isn't good enough to overlook the saggy tits and flabby stomach for me.
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  21. Purity Knight Full Member

    He probably gave her a nice chunk of change and she probably didn't report it to the IRS, so she has to pretend that she blows cancer ridden 80 year olds out of the kindness of her filthy whore heart.
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  22. skippydog49 Full Member

    I hear yeah, but....i dig old chicks

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