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The sexxxtons

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by HHH1, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. HHH1 Full Member

    Im surprised Howard acts like, "This is so unbelievable."
    Theres alot of mother daughter pornos out now. Of course whether or not they really are all m/d teams is debateable.
    One thing that wouldve made me explode laughing is if in the middle of the interview we wouldve heard,"what is it Gary?"
    Gary: "Sal wants to come in and say hello to them and ask some questions."
    Yeah Howard did get clinical with them but I still enjoyed the interaction between Stern and them a ton.
    If the interview was in 1993, it wouldve been even funnier because Howard wouldve been alot more dirtier in his comments and questions. Youd hear alot of his brief pauses and then his, "Man, you two dirty little whores. Id take you two in a room and you two would never be the same."
    Monica: laughing....
    Howard: God damn youre nasty.
    Ha ha ha ha
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  2. Crackhead165 Full Member

    Yeah because 99.9% of them are white trash bitches who are good at nothing but sucking cock and come from an uneducated, low class background.
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  3. Crackhead165 Full Member

    I was wondering this too, and was expecting to hear it the whole time. Kinda disappointed.
  4. LessMoonbeams Full Member


  5. Crackhead165 Full Member

  6. dogcow Full Member

    the whole thing was creepy i can only imagine what kind of white trash horror show background these people come . and of course like every good scum bag they are from florida.
  7. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    look on the bright side if they lose their minds
    what have they really lost?
  8. I Almost Threw My Sirius Right Out Of The Truck, This Was Fucking Horrible. I Turned It Off And Masterbated To "Sixties On Six".
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  9. max_headroom Full Member

    What a turn on, visualizing her banging this 80 year old terminally ill guy. :rolleyes: Ronnie and his daughter girlfriend are almost palatable in comparison.
  10. Gay Howard Full Member

    wha happened to those lezbo sisters that were on back in the day?
  11. Slayer Full Member

    I'm guessing they didn't age well.
  12. Schtickcoma Full Member

    I thought the Sexxxtons were great. It's funny that the daughter was aware of the T-O-P-L-E-S-S meme.
  13. LessMoonbeams Full Member


    that's not a 'meme' it's a running gag ...
    don't believe me? ask Jackie
  14. HHH1 Full Member

    When I was in college I actually checked out the instructors more than the girls my own age. The women instructors would come in dressed up in dresses, stockings and some of them were nice and meaty.
    Too many of the girls my own age back then were too damn skinny and looked like they just threw on whatever was laying around....
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  15. emtfromny2 Full Member

    The fucking laugh was irritating as hell, but when Howard started to mock her I started laughing too.
  16. DrugDealer Full Member

    Yup. :thumbup: :showoff:
  17. Mr. Mojo Risin Full Member

    The sybian was brought up during the segment by a caller or staff member and Howard easily could have ran with it but but instead he completely ignored it and didn't mention or reference it. To me this felt like final nail in the coffin in the death of the sybian.
  18. DrugDealer Full Member

    I think they're still in the business now working with their younger sister :drinkcoffee:

    Great show :laugh: :showoff:
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  19. gtjeff2004 Full Member

    I personally thought the Sexxtons bit sucked. The daughter was annoying white trash and the mom didnt say much. I dont have Howard TV so I dont know how hot they were. When a caller mentioned the Sybian, the daughter said she loved sybians but glossed over getting on the one in the studio.
  20. James G Probationary Member

    I didn't care for them.
  21. Steelerfanatic Full Member

    I enjoyed them tremendously.
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  22. Willy Clinton Full Member

    How can we judge them from an interview? Where's the footage of these 2 in action?
  23. Morrisb Full Member

    I downloaded a scene - not hot. :(
  24. BTYB Snapple Full Member

    Every single thread about women brings out the hairy bald keyboard studs hahaha. Without fail. All the handsome devils on this board suddenly become female connoisseurs!! Eww shes fat, horrible face, flabby"

    You guys are so fucking pitiful! Really!

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