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The Thread in Which Animalgod 'Curb Stomps' me

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by JJR, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

    This is the thread
    In preparation for my curb stomping I will go eat some ribs with my friends
    You get a head start AG

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  2. BaddFunn Full Member

    in on the ground floor
  3. BaddFunn Full Member

    like an IPO of curb stomping.
  4. Kinski

    Kinski SFN Gold Supporter

  5. TonyJax

    TonyJax Closed by User

    A little entertainment before the blood starts.[IMG][IMG]
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  6. fatroider4 Full Member

    oh lawd have mercy
  7. Kinski

    Kinski SFN Gold Supporter

    Team Animalgod
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  8. Diogenes1

    Diogenes1 SFN Supporter

  9. Kinski

    Kinski SFN Gold Supporter

    Stop shoving your heterosexuality in my face! You're making me uncomfortable. I'm hitting alert.
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  10. cobainsbrain Full Member

    I guess you'd rather he shove his cock in your face?
  11. Kinski

    Kinski SFN Gold Supporter

    How offensive! I hereby alert Mutt, in the holiest of hopes that he bans you.
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  12. animalgod

    animalgod SFN Supporter

    Sorry bro almost missed this one there are just so many threads about me its hard to keep up. You haven't done anything to deserve a curb stomping you are basically as harmless as a kitten. Curb stomps are reserved for posters who do to a lack of ability to be funny or interesting resort to pure unfettered hate or stalk me or my loved ones in the real world. You don't seem to be that level of asshole so while I will playfully banter back and forth with you I hope to never be forced to curb stomp you.
  13. cobainsbrain Full Member

    all praise to allah.
  14. cobainsbrain Full Member

  15. Kinski

    Kinski SFN Gold Supporter

    Cogent and dialectical. A+.
  16. animalgod

    animalgod SFN Supporter

    I'm always well spoken but occasionally poorly spelled and punctuated.
  17. geodork Full Member

    due, mr. 158
  18. Diogenes1

    Diogenes1 SFN Supporter

  19. Diogenes1

    Diogenes1 SFN Supporter

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  20. lycosucks Full Member

    Why do so many people have an infatuation with that fat fuck?
  21. KingofCanada

    KingofCanada SFN Supporter

    Can you identify a few of the posters you've "curb-stomped"? I don't recall ever seeing it actually happen. I know Dinkus made you look like a fool in about eleven different ways and got you TO'd and deaded, and when you came back you declared that you curb-stomped him. No one actually saw it.
  22. KingofCanada

    KingofCanada SFN Supporter

    That's like saying you have an infatuation with the neighbor's chihuahua when it won't stop barking.
  23. BaddFunn Full Member

    translation: you can't lift your diabetic gangrenous leg high enough.

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