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The Thread in Which Animalgod 'Curb Stomps' me

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by JJR, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

    i really do think youre a retarded delusional trainwreck tho, dan

    plz curb stomp me
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  2. PornStache Full Member

    My list of Curb Stomp victims:


    It happened in post #40. Confirmed and verified.
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  3. animalgod

    animalgod SFN Supporter

    I proved he was a liar and a stalker of women and children in real life. He finished himself off by proving that if I'm not the subject of his thread and actively posting in it he can't get more then a page of responses. The guy made dozens of unfunny threads while I was gone each worse then the last. He is no longer allowed to dig into mine or Nikki's personal lives without being permabanned which was all he had going for him as far as interest by other posters. Yet another great white hope who left his teeth on the curb.
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  4. cobainsbrain

    cobainsbrain SFN Supporter

    Ummm. You didn't really prove anything with the fake Facebook post. So you'll have to take Dink off the list. He did however cause you to meltdown
  5. PornStache Full Member

    This post, like the rest of your life, is full of nothing but lies and failure.
  6. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

    so am i 'gon be c-stomped or hhwhat?
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  7. animalgod

    animalgod SFN Supporter

    Never happened bro my banning was do to an argument between me and T@H over a past banning that involved Diogenes/aMANda. I know you haters like to attribute shit to dink that he never did but I would like to hear how he caused my banning. Like I said the fact that Zena did not TO me, ban me or even correct me for saying that Geneva told her that everything I said was true and that dinkus had stalked her and her kids is very solid proof. If you need more the fact that Ivan himself warned Dinkus if he ever did anything like that again he would be gone for good further proves that Zena at least confirmed these facts to Ivan. You can twist it how you like but facts and truth win out every time.
  8. HanzoTheRazor Full Member

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  9. animalgod

    animalgod SFN Supporter

    If the shit wasn't riveting I wouldn't have 8 threads on the front page. Speaking of people who are butthurt that they were dumb enough to believe dinks bullshit, how are you doing tonight?
  10. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

    Dan do you realize that everyone is making fun of you?
  11. geodork Full Member

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  12. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

    I dont understand why you posted that
  13. geodork Full Member

    That question has been posed dozens of times and he just won't accept it. No offense, jjr.
  14. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

    Give me a shot here
    I am the retard whisperer
  15. geodork Full Member

    You're our only hope.
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  16. animalgod

    animalgod SFN Supporter

    Then you are saying you have abandoned all hope?
  17. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

    No she's saying that several other people have tried explaining that your function on this board is that of clownshoes to no avail
    Also, she was being a bit facetious

    You do realize that youre a joke on the board, right?
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  18. RosettaStoned Full Member

    I don't think you really ate ribs.
  19. animalgod

    animalgod SFN Supporter

    Yaaaaaaaaawn. Same shit haters say all the time. I've been confirmed as this boards greatest poster many times. I have a legion of fans including doc Ivan himself. I make you monkeys dance and dance and dance. Guess how many threads I've made about you bro?
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  20. JJR

    JJR SFN Supporter

    Is this when the curbstomping starts?
  21. animalgod

    animalgod SFN Supporter

    No this is just friendly banter, curb stomping ends with your teeth on the curb in a figurative sense. This usually translates as you closing your account almost never posting here again or being reduced to a shell of your former posting self.
  22. HanzoTheRazor Full Member

    oh the huge manatee

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