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the whores of fox news

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by skylarbrie, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. SIPAWITZ Full Member

    way sexier, you know shes gonna suck cock like a banshee when shes hammered
  2. jonwall Full Member

    lmao exactly!
  3. sstressed Full Member

    yeah, i felt a bit scummy thinking it, but hell yeah. i've been shocked and amazed at what some reserved female would do when the right amount of liquor hit the brain.

    dear jesus, i just want to thank you for alcohol and womens. and pot.

    thank you! :hathair:
  4. SIPAWITZ Full Member

    even the liberal chicks that bring up the democratic parties aganda are smoking hot....


    if MSNBC had kirsten powers instead of the bull dyke maddow, maybe they would have more than 27 viewers
  5. Super Mario Full Member

  6. jonwall Full Member

    Smart chicks tend to be ugly lol... Hot chicks tend to be dumb

    It's science
  7. SIPAWITZ Full Member

    when ever this one comes on air i cant help but think of daisey duck

  8. R.P. McMurphy Full Member

    ...thats a man sip! i thought she was hot when i saw her as the d.a. in the ruiz dog mauling trial but i think the symmetry (the squared off look) of her face and jaw make me nervous. this chic on the other hand makes me want to munch her nether regions.

  9. nazdrowie Full Member

    mmmmmmmm Greta!

  10. SIPAWITZ Full Member

    YA!! she got that booty too....and perfect thighs

    fox will hire her after her contract
  11. Ingens Full Member

    Courtney Friel

  12. SIPAWITZ Full Member

    to the blue hairs that watch she is the jane mansfield of news
  13. Swedish John

    Swedish John Closed by User

  14. SIPAWITZ Full Member

    i never found her that attractive...and is way annoying

    whos the other blonde ultra ring wing broad?
  15. R.P. McMurphy Full Member

    ...youd definitely have to donkey punch that girl. shes so annoying.
  16. SIPAWITZ Full Member

    ahhh...just remembered her name


    laura ingram....went after charlie rangel after he called her "a pretty face"
  17. skylarbrie Full Member

    Rupert Murdock (the owner of fox news) is an ardent Zionist, and selects all on air talent, however, for some reason, none of the fox girls are Jews
  18. R.P. McMurphy Full Member

    ...hahaha thats funny tell a chic shes pretty and she wants to bite your balls off. laura ingram is in chelsea handler terriory, she should have taken the compliment.
  19. Alpha Hal Full Member

  20. SIPAWITZ Full Member

    [nomedia=""]Laura Ingraham vs. Charlie Rangel - smack down debate - The Factor - 8-18-11 - YouTube[/nomedia]

    lol...start at around 4:50 if you dont want the watch the whole thing
  21. skylarbrie Full Member

    Rupert has been known to dip into the talent pool, and he has a very unconventional relationship with Howard
  22. JonGnagyBeard

    JonGnagyBeard Closed by User

    Don't know her name :(

  23. SIPAWITZ Full Member

    best thread ever
  24. SIPAWITZ Full Member


    martha in the morning
  25. icehole3

    icehole3 Closed by User

    Ann Coulter :)

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