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Then and Now photo thread

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by breezely, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. POCONO 1 Full Member

    Just wanted to say Thank You for ALL of these photo-shop threads.There's no better on the planet :bigclap:
  2. tonguechow Full Member


    Signing every bad budget that came across his desk and bankrupting California for the second time in 4 years has really taken a lot out of "Ahnorld." And then flying everyday, back and forth between Brentwood and Hackramento on his Gulf Stream V cuts down on the gym time too.

    Time to fire up the recall machine again and get this bum out of office! :afs:
  3. i2hi4u2c Full Member

    [IMG] remember sambos the one that used to be in my town is dennys now. :D
  4. breezely Full Member

  5. i2hi4u2c Full Member

  6. DAVIDSCOTT Full Member

    Re: Keith Richards

    oh shit!! haha i was just scrolling through and i had to stop on this one and take a seconed look!! haha too funny!!!
  7. bskwizzle Full Member

  8. bskwizzle Full Member

  9. nas1143 Probationary Member

  10. ASC12187 Full Member

  11. sa sanctuary Probationary Member

    getting old is really fucked up. what a reward for keeping yourself alive. pfff, death. what bullshit.
  12. i2hi4u2c Full Member

  13. breezely Full Member

  14. bestusername Full Member

    If Beetle was going to get new/fake teeth... why didn't he get straight ones?
  15. DobieGillis

    DobieGillis Closed by User

  16. jeffandteri Full Member

    larry kings dead on
  17. chilez666 Full Member

  18. i2hi4u2c Full Member

  19. bigtex564 Full Member

    Yes it is
  20. i2hi4u2c Full Member

  21. Odd Vaark Full Member

  22. A mysterius man Full Member

  23. filthyklm Full Member

    We still have the original Sambo's here in Santa Barbara..they have the best breakfast
  24. bidderman Full Member

    :vomit: Amy Winehouse = Poster Girl for Why you shouldn't do drugs

    She has hit the brick wall and went through it
  25. Shuckster Full Member

    What happened. Is she even in her 30's???? WTF???

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