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Then and Now photo thread

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by breezely, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. i2hi4u2c Full Member

    [IMG]susan backlinie from the opening scene of jaws.
  2. ASC12187 Full Member


    Then: 1/28/2002

    Now: 3/28/2008
  3. A mysterius man Full Member

    Jesus. Titty. Fucking. Christ. :(
  4. Stuie Ramone Full Member

    Stacy Dash and Jennifer Connelly -amazing!!!
  5. JPL108@S50 Full Member

  6. i2hi4u2c Full Member

  7. i2hi4u2c Full Member

  8. Odd Vaark Full Member

  9. andre300 Full Member

    Switches too FAST. I prefer this edit:


  10. andre300 Full Member




  11. Odd Vaark Full Member

    nice effect.. i considered it(also have that capability in my sw) ..and played around with the frame speeds before I purposely decided on this one to stimulate the paying of close attention. - but NOW obviously, that's not necessary, eh?

    ..... but BRO.. please keep in mind that you're editing my collage which beyond the original concepting for "Then and Now" ,took time gathering, cutting and building, so thanks in advance for putting the "ODDVAARK" logo back where it belongs....It does look good though :)
  12. i2hi4u2c Full Member

  13. JPL108@S50 Full Member

  14. yadude Full Member

    Jeff Conaway


  15. yadude Full Member

    brigitte nielsen


  16. spotahottie Full Member

    Way too funny

  17. Oscar Wilde Full Member

    Faye Dunnaway
  18. Oscar Wilde Full Member

    Alvin and the Chipmunks
  19. i2hi4u2c Full Member

    1977 :tunes:
    2008 :wireless:
  20. ASC12187 Full Member

  21. A mysterius man Full Member

    Good one.
  22. ASC12187 Full Member

  23. A mysterius man Full Member

    It's amazing what they let people get away with wearing in the 80s, haha.
  24. AssNapkinEd3 Probationary Member

    In the Howard/Letterman picture...geez, Howard's polo must have been bought at Goodwill.
  25. i2hi4u2c Full Member

    [IMG]nicollett sheridan

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