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There is no God

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by GHP, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. GHP Full Member

    There is no good or bad, since man is an accident without purpose or meaning.....unless you can tell me who has the authority to say what is good and what is bad :)
  2. GHP Full Member

    You tell me :)
  3. Iroth

    Iroth SFN Supporter

    Why does everything need to have meaning? I was brought up in an atheist family, are you saying the only reason I am not murdering people left and right is because people are enforcing this law?

    People would inherently know that killing other people is wrong because everyone relates to loss. We all know what it feels to lose someone close to us, who is to say that something like that is enough to stop murder?

    Life doesn't need meaning, we are all brought up thinking that we are going to make some difference in the world when in reality we're microscopic dust in the great scheme of the universe. Find happiness anyway you can, live, laugh, love all that bullshit. You don't need religion or a god to do that.

    And people who are supposed to be the messengers of god do lots of harm to people, even though they live by the moralities that god has supposedly given them.
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  4. Iroth

    Iroth SFN Supporter

    Forgive any run on sentences, I am running on no sleep and many beers.

    In the end I am not trying to say that you are wrong, or the way you are thinking is wrong, there is no real answer. But don't go after us atheist people for not believing in everything you do.
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  5. CreamyBone

    CreamyBone SFN Supporter

    You need authority?
  6. Anogram

    Anogram SFN Supporter


    Confusious said do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This dude said it way before before Jebus and he wasn't religious. A doubter, skeptic, or whatever will come to the same moral conclusions as religious people. They just wont believe in your god or gods.
  7. GHP Full Member

    Are you slow?

    If man is meaningless, ie, there is no reason for his existence, then there is also no reason for any moral compass. Why is it wrong for me to kill you? You have no reason to exist, you are an accident in a universe that came about for no reason. Therefore, killing you is no different than not killing you because morals don't exist any more than you do. We, along with morals, are all meaningless :)
  8. Iroth

    Iroth SFN Supporter

    This is very base thinking. People aren't robots GHP. We don't just come into the world with one way of thinking and that is it, our experiences and teachings shape us. Just because I don't believe there is a god doesn't mean I go out killing people for shits and giggles.
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  9. GHP Full Member

    I'm countering the many absurd threads started regarding the existence/non-existence of God :p
    You tell me.....who establishes what is right and wrong? Meaningless, accidental man?
    See above :)
  10. GHP Full Member

    Are people meaningless, cosmic accidents that came about in a universe of meaningless cosmic accidents?

    Or do we have a purpose?
  11. Iroth

    Iroth SFN Supporter

    Just do what I do, ignore the stupid threads.
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  12. Iroth

    Iroth SFN Supporter

    Yes. And yes. What other purpose do you need than to live?
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  13. Iroth

    Iroth SFN Supporter

  14. fatroider4 Full Member

    So if God doesn't establish what is right from wrong, there is no right or wrong? Simple as that right? God never said I can't kill people, therefor I can kill people.
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  15. GHP Full Member

    Somebody has to represent :p

    What is the purpose of life

    That's kinda what all theologies/philosophies are about :)
  16. Iroth

    Iroth SFN Supporter

    To live my dear! To live!
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  17. GHP Full Member

    It wouldn't matter if you did or not, since there is no reason why you exist. If a star turned left instead of right, there would be no "you."
  18. Anogram

    Anogram SFN Supporter

    Who is your jungle god?
  19. GHP Full Member

    If living is the purpose of life, there is no right or wrong :)
  20. CreamyBone

    CreamyBone SFN Supporter

    Needing a god to supply meaning and give morals has got to be a miserable way to go though life.
  21. Iroth

    Iroth SFN Supporter

    Says who?
  22. GHP Full Member

    The true God

    Is your God the the god of nothing?
  23. GHP Full Member

    LOL at your machismo

    How do you have morals in a meaningless existence?
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  24. GHP Full Member

    You tell me :)
  25. CreamyBone

    CreamyBone SFN Supporter

    Why do you assume no meaning?

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