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There is no God

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by GHP, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. GHP Full Member


    All kinds

  2. GHP Full Member

    It really is a simple question Howie :)
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  3. Cutter

    Cutter SFN Supporter

    but which one is his faaaaaave?
  4. Howiewood

    Howiewood SFN Gold Supporter

    Oh, I get it. I'm just too smart to get onto any kind of argument with you. You are exhausting.
  5. Iroth

    Iroth SFN Supporter

    I'm a Russian "jew" by birth. I never have practiced. I sense a little anti semite in you bud.
  6. CreamyBone

    CreamyBone SFN Supporter

    Is belief necessary?
  7. Iroth

    Iroth SFN Supporter

    And it isn't a movement. It is just lack of belief in the religious deities.
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  8. Cutter

    Cutter SFN Supporter

    hi five dude

    smegmas overrated
  9. GHP Full Member

    Don't know about boring but they sure are experts at avoiding simple questions :p
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  10. GHP Full Member

    Getting uncomfortable? lol

    Call it what you will, belief, or what you think

    Just don't tell me what you don't believe :p
  11. Iroth

    Iroth SFN Supporter

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  12. GHP Full Member

    I don't believe in the Easter Bunny either

    That doesn't say much about what I do believe in does it :)
  13. Iroth

    Iroth SFN Supporter

    I didn't call you an anti-semite because I was offended. I didn't even call you an anti-semite. You seem pretty obsessed over the jews.

    Your circumcision go wrong?
  14. 2manboobs

    2manboobs Closed by User

    No one ever said God would be angry if you studied the stars & planets, etc ....We are all naturally inquisitive...we all, for the most part, wanna know how shit works ... But even the greatest minds in history have all concluded that for everything man has learned, it would still only fit in a thimble..against oceans & oceans of available information.....The things man has discovered in the universe continue to defy what we know as logic ....I mean, if you ever wanna read some crazy shit, read about what happens when the life of a Red-giant Star comes to an end...Its fascinating!!....The bottom line is, though..Is that we will never ever come close to understanding even a small percentage of the complexities that make up the universe.....Just that fact alone, is a strong argument that something out there (outside normal understanding & comprehension) is behind all this
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  15. 2manboobs

    2manboobs Closed by User

    Is it not?? How many other ways could there be??...God (Supreme Being), or happenstance...
  16. Acid Lad

    Acid Lad Closed by User

    Im not brown, faggit
  17. Howiewood

    Howiewood SFN Gold Supporter

    Shit happens, then you die.

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  18. 2manboobs

    2manboobs Closed by User

  19. GHP Full Member

    I'm only saying what I believe. I'm not trying to convert anyone. We all have free will to believe as we will

    I'm just representin' that's all :p
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  20. GHP Full Member

    But you're a faggit, faggit
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  21. Acid Lad

    Acid Lad Closed by User

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