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thought howard turned 64

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Bongsmoke///, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Siriusly? Full Member

    the only thing you could beat me at, is a fewest brain cells contest and you would win hands down.

    I notice you can't form more than one sentence when you post here, I think you could also beat me in a lowest IQ contest.
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  2. DrugDealer Full Member

    Bong, you should really stop pal. This is not getting better for you, so I'll throw in the towel for you. :stop: :(

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  3. BOXofROX Full Member

    I'm on team Bongsmoke. :cheering: ..that retarded lil' fella makes me laugh!

    You guys should cut him some slack
  4. Zena Buddysgirl

    Zena Buddysgirl
    SFN Staff

    see what happens when you think!
  5. Jedi Beavis

    Jedi Beavis SFN Gold Supporter

    I'm one of those "angry fat guys," and I doubt you could land a punch, let alone knock me out.
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  6. Bongsmoke///

    Bongsmoke/// Closed by User

    did you just challenge me?
  7. Jedi Beavis

    Jedi Beavis SFN Gold Supporter

    You're confusing me with basic math.
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  8. Mama-looka Full Member

    But he looks so young and happening and youthful, right?

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  9. Jedi Beavis

    Jedi Beavis SFN Gold Supporter

    I'd say he looks "50-something."
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  10. Bongsmoke///

    Bongsmoke/// Closed by User

    look, I don't have time for this. STOP TROLLING ME, ASSHOLE.
  11. Siriusly? Full Member

    Stop starting stupid threads you moron.
    DrugDealer likes this.
  12. BOXofROX Full Member

    Go get'm Bongsy
  13. Jedi Beavis

    Jedi Beavis SFN Gold Supporter

    Oh, I'm sorry. Please, get back to your important work of making shitty "I'm a dumbass" threads. The world needs more of those.
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  14. DrugDealer Full Member

    :jj: :showoff:
  15. Jedi Beavis

    Jedi Beavis SFN Gold Supporter

  16. Dean Wormer Full Member

    Wh is Ronnie old if he's only five years older than Howard?
  17. Bongsmoke///

    Bongsmoke/// Closed by User

    he would look even older if he took off his wig.
  18. Siriusly? Full Member

    and you would sound smart if you had a brain.
  19. Bongsmoke///

    Bongsmoke/// Closed by User

    what college did you graduate from???
  20. Siriusly? Full Member

    I have two degrees, skippy. I graduated from 2 Universities. Butler University and Indiana University...

    How about you, did you get your GED or just drop out??
  21. Mama-looka Full Member

    I didn't know that had colleges for that...

    Erleichda and BOXofROX like this.
  22. Siriusly? Full Member

    Hahahaha, good one, I did drink a lot but, didn't learn anything about being a butler.
  23. Erleichda Full Member

    He looks so happy, and yet so sad at the same time... :wub:
  24. Bongsmoke///

    Bongsmoke/// Closed by User

    and it don't mean shit, loser.

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