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"Tim is the most successful program director in the country"

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by dogcow, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. dogcow Full Member

    bwahahahahaha great line from howard today....holy shit....that is probably the funniest line of the day. i have to assume tim is like george from seinfeld , he has no actual job he just acts busy all the time so nobody finds out
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  2. Juju Alma

    Juju Alma Closed by User

    I'd like to see him spell "success." If he is, then success means nothing. I demand an IQ test.
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  3. dogcow Full Member

    his IQ results are splattered all over the wall, toilet and light switch
  4. Juju Alma

    Juju Alma Closed by User

    hahaha. Who is his boss? If it's Howard, he's got to take advantage of this lucky bastard. It's like having a spare Baba Booey. I know Tim claims he was hired over the phone by Howard.
  5. Fuggyou Full Member

    Who's a better program director?
  6. dogcow Full Member

    off the top of my head, bill tanner
  7. deezz Full Member

    Tim is horrible. He is constantly saying how busy he is....blah, blah, blah

    Tim is a lucky SOB that had a ton of connections or buddies in the industry to get him a job. Now he thinks he's a tremendous business man and program director.

    The guy is out of his mind with a ton of excuses.
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  8. nearly.normal Full Member

    If any of this bullshit "getting things done"/Feb 5th meeting is for real, then Tim should be the first to go.
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  9. nearly.normal Full Member

    Who's a worse one?
  10. mrsluda85 Full Member

    Howard says he should run all of Sirius, not just his channels.
  11. pod98 Full Member

    yeah, drives me nuts hearing tim constantly saying how busy he is . . . really???? don't get me wrong, i think his quirks are entertaining as hell, but someone who keeps proclaiming something like that??
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  12. John Swenglish Full Member

    ..............in related news, Tim Sabean is the most underrated shit house artist in the country.
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  13. cwujvegas7 Full Member

    definitely- d-i-f-f--------I almost ran off the road!
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  14. JustinStLouis

    JustinStLouis Closed by User

    Tim may be a hard worker - it sounds that way at least.

    However, as far as decision-making goes around programming, he's horrendously bad. Howard 101 programming is cringe-worthy and laughably bad.

    There's nothing good on there besides Back Office Radio.
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  15. FrankieBNYC

    FrankieBNYC Closed by User

    He might be one of the highest paid for sure
  16. Gindaloonatic Full Member

    He's doing a phenomenal job, by the way.

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