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Topless 12-year-old Girl

Discussion in 'Old Chat' started by Bob Thorney, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Bob Thorney Full Member

  2. ronnie dio Full Member

    :lol: ...dam bro,get some help for christ sake
  3. Bob Thorney Full Member

  4. Monster_Zero

    Monster_Zero SFN Gold Supporter

    Bob gives new meaning to the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button... :)
  5. 420Rican Full Member

    Man! That is really disturbing.... People on here get pissed at Boots for doing shit and look at this Thorney guy... As Nusrehoe would say... Pathetic.
  6. Pebbles Full Member

    Right on. Can you imagine what kind of shit is on his hard drive? He better be careful before the FBI pulls a Pete Townsend on him.
  7. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Hey, those are MEDICAL pictures. Get your mind out of the gutter! :p
  8. lntimid8or Full Member

    Since when is this a medical community board????
    Your sick man.
  9. Thorazine Full Member

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn, and I just got dried off too

  10. 420Rican Full Member

    Hey Bro, different strokes for different folks. But anyone on this board with children should feel a little sickened...
  11. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Hey, I've seen medical info posted on this board before.

    Those photos show that good posture can make you taller.

    That's important info for all you SFN members who are slouched at your computers for hours on end!
  12. Doctor Ivan

    Doctor Ivan
    SFN Staff

    Get help immediately ... you're a twisted person Bob.
  13. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Anyone on this board with children should be more concerned with their children running off with former marines they meet on the internet! ;)
  14. Thorazine Full Member

    Ok, first off you should ask yourself WHY you are google searching for 12 year old girls, realize your problem and stick your head in an oven.

    You're about 3 seconds away from having to use the jaws of life to pry your ass off a girl scout :hw:
  15. FuQ

    FuQ SFN Gold Supporter

    Wow Bob... you really are a sick fuck
  16. Bob Thorney Full Member

    I was trying to find a photo of that 12-year-old girl (by the name of "December") who was on the Jenny Jones Show. :p

    Refer to this thread:
  17. 420Rican Full Member

  18. disgorge Full Member

    That bitch needs implants.
  19. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Maybe they should speak to you too! Why would you click on a thread that says "Topless 12-year-old Girl"? :rolleyes: DUMB BEOTCH! :p
  20. disgorge Full Member

  21. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Whatever. :rolleyes:
  22. Bob Thorney Full Member

    Okay, well I hope they get a good laugh from my photo! :p
  23. Bob Thorney Full Member

    You forgot to say sick FUNNY fuck! ;)
  24. morrissey Full Member

    This pedophile shit is really getting out of hand...a joke is a joke, but enough is enough....
  25. 420Rican Full Member

    I'm tellin' you man, it's one thing to joke about it once in a while but you can tell that this Thorney dude definitely lives that type of "lifestyle". And alot of people around here joke about it with him like it's cool.....

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