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Turns out Trayvon Martin was a thug after all....Will Robin report it?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by joetrumps, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Downhill Full Member

    Something ironic about being called a racist by a dude who calls himself O.J. Mask but alright, I'm game.

    Single me out because I call a spade a spade and don't represent a view point you want to look at.

    I'd rather see the black community begin healing itself. That is the antithesis of racism.

    Interesting how some of you parrot the media in focusing on the dispatchers recommendation that Zimmerman break off his pursuit of Martin, but choose to ignore, or explain away as RACIST, the same departments decision to not charge Zimmerman despite it. ..A Hispanic Jew. You know, because white-devil America hates blacks but loves Hispanics and Jews.

    Leads me to believe that they found his actions justified despite the warning. Why would they come to that conclusion? Witness corroboration of a violent attack maybe? Oh yeah, I forgot - the entire agency is specifically racist to one minority and public relations be damned, any excuse to murder another promising black youth is a good one. That makes perfect logical sense.

    But maybe I am just missing the point in defending Travon's instigation of the violence. I think we can agree on the ridiculousness of the media coverage AND the shady behavior of so called "black leaders" - all whipping this up into a racial thing, when it is really a sick ghetto society thing.

    Deal with the root of the cause. If you think it is your skin color that is getting you singled out, you are wrong. I don't worry for Trayvon because I know I won't ever be in his situation.

    A culture that glorifies the power-trip of gangster thuggery is going to feel the pain and suffering that feeds it from time to time. Looking at you Black America.
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  2. EricThMidgetSux Full Member

    The lead investigator wanted to charge him, and the higher ups squashed that. I'm sure Fox News hasn't reported that, so you wouldn't know. Oh that's right.....if AP reported it, it must not be true, librul media and all that.

    Zimmerman is either a police informant or just a judge's boy, it's pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain. The dick assaulted a cop prior to this and got away with it because his daddy's a judge and/or he likely agreed to snitch. But continue to trip all over yourself to defend an adult sociopath and a rat with a paid spokesman posing as his "friend" defending him on every media outlet.
  3. Downhill Full Member

    You don’t agree with what I am saying and try to reduce my opinion to that of a typical conservative stereotype - bravo - that sort of generalization is the root of racism and bigotry. Applaud yourself.

    If you get your news solely and consistently from either only liberal or conservative sources alone - and I think that you do - you are doing yourself an intellectual disservice.
    As a follower of the liberal branch of the main stream media, they pour your Kool-Aid, and you like the flavor.

    I’ll ignore your moronic and baseless paper tiger speculation that Zimm might be a judges ‘boy’. But first please, tell us - are you psychic? Or is it just that you know in your heart that powerful people are conspiring to keep you down?

    Short of that paranoid delusion, there is no known motivation for ‘the higher ups’ to squash the prosecution. Either the facts were clear and they used their best judgment or it was pure racism. But if it was the later, why did they look more favorably on the Cuban Jew, than the Black youth?

    So law enforcement administration professionals - with careers devoted to public safety - misread the facts that ONLY they are privy to. Face it, the only crime committed was Trevon’s assault. It is easier to defend him because he is a young poor black kid that wasn't armed with a weapon. But he is dead for the poor choices he made when confronted with suspicion.

    BTW ‘Snitch’ is a loaded term that criminals use to justify the illusion of honor in their illegal and immoral behavior.

    While I don’t argue that your opinion isn't prevalent and as you say, ‘obvious to anyone with half a brain’ – I would suggest that you try turning the other half on from time to time.
  4. The_Burger_King Full Member

    has it been brought up that zimmerman had another prior arrest as well? this time for domestic violence on his ex? not only that but his dad is an ex judge? i wonder why this case was pretty much thrown under the rug before the media blew it up. you fucking idiots are trying to paint trayvon as this violent thug when zimmerman past is far worst than anything you can connect trayvon to.
  5. mpa59 Full Member

    Well, they did it again - they got you all distracted from shit that really affects you and in a General Election year ta-boot. God they're fucking good.
  6. Mr Hand Full Member

    Those are "incontrovertible facts" huh?

    Tell you what... let's have a bet.

    If you can post a link to the 911 call where they told him "to not pursue", I will FedEx you a check for $100 million dollars and if you're wrong and they only said, "we don't need you to do that" you give me $10 dollars.

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  7. Mr Hand Full Member

    It appears that if you repeat this lie often enough it becomes fact
  8. Mr Hand Full Member

    So odd.

    Misinformation is like a virus
  9. Mr Hand Full Member

    nope. wrong. never said that.
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  10. Concupiscence Full Member

    Are these "incontrovertible facts?"

    1) Zimmerman was not a law enforcement officer.

    2) Zimmerman followed (after a suggestion from the police not to), confronted and shot an unarmed teenager.

    3) Zimmerman's father was a judge.

    4) Zimmerman's record includes closed arrests for domestic violence and resisting an officer with violence.

    I just hope you're not one of those poor naive souls who think 3 and 4 are purely coincidental.

    My father lives in Arizona and owns a firearm.

    His friend, a police officer, told him he should get one.

    He also told him, if you see someone committing a crime, CALL THE POLICE AND WAIT IN A SAFE LOCATION!

    I went to school in Arizona, where you can carry firearms on your person.

    Zimmerman should have called the cops and let them do their job. But he's one of those idiotic wannabe cowboys out there who think they're Charles fucking Bronson but are clearly too thick-skulled to comprehend it was just a freaking movie.
  11. Mr Hand Full Member

    At least you're being slightly more honest. Now it's just a "suggestion". Closer to reality, but still not true to what they actually said.

    Oh, and following someone isn't a crime. We don't know all the facts yet. If he followed him and got in his face and started a confrontation, that's one thing.

    If he only followed him and Martin turned around and charged him, got on top of him, smashed his head against the ground, was trying to go after his gun, etc, that's something else entirely.

    Tell me, once Zimmerman was on the ground getting his head smashed in, what was he suppose to do at that point?
  12. purina Full Member

    It's too bad you are the typical sucker that bought the initial shoddy reporting by the Orlando Slantinal. Clearly from your posts you haven't a single clue as to what happened.
    Perhaps reading more and posting less will help.

    It's not Zimmerman's accounts that are changing the story but third party EYEwitness accounts that know neither party that have led the investigation to NOT file any charges. Are you really naive enough to think this police dept. wants this scrutiny and hasn't already talked with everyone involved???

    Here's a hint. Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.
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  13. purina Full Member

    Again, read more and post less and you would have known about this 'less sensationalized' news report. As it's turning out all the pieces of the eyewitness accounts and falling together
    in huge favor of Zimmerman's account and making it look like Trayvon was 100% in the wrong.
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  14. HeyItsAdam Full Member

    I remember a few years ago, there was another situation where Al Sharpton claimed racial bias and the liberal media was up in arms, telling us to "Wait for the facts" and how we were unfairly persecuting blacks.

    Well guess what? Mike Vick pled guilty.

    This kid was a troublemaker. There's a reason why you see pictures of him when he was a doe-eyed teen and not current photos. The kid was suspended from school 3 times for a MULTITUDE of issues. He was not a saint. And the media is playing down the fact that Zimmerman was pretty well beat up. I honestly hope that Zimmerman walks.

    I live in Florida. And one thing I know about Florida is that if you are a law-abiding citizen, you can get a concealed weapons permit by filling out some forms and taking a class. With that in mind, I don't EVER start confrontations in traffic, at bars, or anywhere in public. You never know a) who has a gun and b) what there level of "threatened" is. They'll just shoot your ass.
  15. HeyItsAdam Full Member

    And going to his first Parole Hearing... 3 suspensions from school... drugs, jewelry theft, skipping school. This kid was on the right path.
  16. CkyTx

    CkyTx SFN Gold Supporter

    The thing is we probably will never truly know exactly what happened that caused the fight. Zimmerman isnt credible enough to believe. Whatever the 911 operators told him or suggested him to do in regards to letting Martin go, he didnt. Sure, you can say it was his right to keep track of the kid etc etc but I dont get how some people can honestly say Zimmermans actions didnt contribute to what eventually happened.
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  17. Mr Hand Full Member

    they didn't say single word about "letting Martin go"

    weird the way this lie continues to be fact
  18. crackfinger Full Member

    Dressing in a current fashion isn't "living a thug's life."

    Just like you putting on a valedictorian's cap and gown wouldn't make you smart.
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  19. CkyTx

    CkyTx SFN Gold Supporter

    Then what did they say.
  20. FuriousFunk Full Member

    Yeah if you keep repeating the FACT that he was told to stop following him then those stupid people that believe in reality will believe it is fact. We all know what really happened because we read racist websites and cherry pick news articles that support your defense of that piece of shit racist Zimmerman.
  21. crackfinger Full Member

    You're pretty hung up on semantics. The asshole pursued a kid who had every right to be walking in the neighborhood, and the kid's only crime (according to the douchebag who killed him) was walking in that neighborhood.
  22. Mr Hand Full Member





  23. Mr Hand Full Member

    Yes, that's true.

    Finally someone posts a non-lie.

    Oh, except for the part about the 6'3" kid attacking him first (per Zimmerman), the infant beating him up/smashing his head against the ground (per eyewitnesses and physical evidence) and the poor, innocent child going after his gun (per Zimmerman).

    But you were right about him pursing the toddler... (oh yeah, forgot, you're allowed to follow someone on a public street)
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