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U.S. opening up airspace to use of drones by local agencies....big brother?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by vector1701, Feb 27, 2012.


How do you feel about drones being used outside of military purposes to spy on Americans?

I don't like it....feel like too much Big Brother..could be an invasion of privacy of the innocent 12 vote(s) 92.3%
I don't care or give a shit 1 vote(s) 7.7%
  1. vector1701 Full Member

    I wonder if there would have been more press about this if it was approved under Bush's watch.....

    So how do you feel about this? Big Brother?


    After more than 40 years of development and extensive use by the military, the United States has set the date when the nation’s airspace will be open for drones. Should you be scared?

    Short answer: No, but like any new technology, unmanned aerial vehicles have their dark side.
    Legislation passed by Congress last week gives the Federal Aviation Administration until Sept. 30, 2015, to open the nation’s skies to drones.

    The first step comes in 90 days when police, firefighters, drug enforcement, immigration, and other civilian first-response agencies can start flying UAVs weighing no more than 4.4 pounds, provided they meet still-to-be-determined requirements, such as having an operator on the ground within line-of-sight of the drone and flying it at least 400 feet above ground.
    Currently, UAVs can only fly in restricted airspace zones controlled by the U.S. military.
    By May 2013, the next class of drones, those weighing less than 55 pounds, can fly the nation’s skies, according to provisions of the FAA bill passed by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama last week.
    The deadline for full integration of drones into U.S. airspace is Sept. 30, 2015. But the most pressing issues are privacy concerns and public perceptions.
    “Right now, under current U.S. laws there are very few restrictions on our ability to take pictures or videos of individuals outside,” Harley Geiger, a policy attorney with the Center for Democracy and Technology in Washington, D.C., told Discovery News.
    “Some of the privacy issues that we see with drones are very different than the sort of surveillance that can be conducted with a helicopter. Drones can quietly watch an entire town without refueling. It can conduct a pervasive and secret surveillance that helicopters cannot match,” Geiger said.
    “You can’t avoid it if you’re outside unless you take cover. People don’t want to be on YouTube whenever they go outside,” he added.
    On the commercial side, drones have a huge benefit for the oil and gas industry, agriculture, environmental monitoring and disaster surveillance, she added.

    The police supervisory drone 'md 4-200' flies during a drill in Celle, Germany.
  2. Czech Full Member

    exclusive for monitoring traffic patterns, none the less
  3. Captainqueeg

    Captainqueeg SFN Gold Supporter

  4. Billy Brown

    Billy Brown SFN Supporter

  5. ROBBY241 Full Member

    fuck this government
  6. porkerface Full Member

    The more the rights of privacy are torn down, the more they can herd us all together like cattle. Make us all live elbow to elbow in big housing projects. No one should have a house bigger than anyone else. No one should drive a car faster than anyone else. No one should have medical care better than anyone else. No one except for those pigs who sit in Washington DC and pass these shitty laws.
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  7. bobtraw

    bobtraw SFN Supporter

    my darling, the targzissians have been monitoring us for eons.
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  8. Czech Full Member

    i was detained on two occasions in china because i snapped several photos in an inappropriate area, which is what is known when monitors are actively patrolling.
  9. NoName

    NoName SFN Supporter

    You are creepy
  10. NoName

    NoName SFN Supporter

    You are creepy
  11. vector1701 Full Member

    Really? What did you take pics of? In Bejing we knew there were monitors around, but we never knew of them.
  12. devolution420 Full Member

    I hate to frantically flail my arms and scream 'slippery slope'... but jesus.
    Scary, and not just because I live an illicit lifestyle. Okay, mostly because of that.
    But, shit, even the squares have to oppose this.
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  13. Czech Full Member

    1st, i took photos of a civil protest in front of the mayors building (in a city i prefer not to mention) by taxi drivers - as they were unhappy with challenges to their taxi license contracts, etc. i was nearly lifted out of where i was ... and brought into custody for an entire day. i was suspected as being an un-registered foreign journalist; finally, after waiting & talking & waiting more, they released me after i wrote a personal declaration confirming that i'm not a journalist, etc. all photos in my camera were removed, of course.
    2nd time, my camera was taken after i took photos of a military office gate-entrance.
    my intentions were not harmful, mind you, only curious. i was aware, however, of an american spy who was under the guise as a foreign teacher. i reported him to the security police.
  14. vector1701 Full Member

    That had to be wild and To be taken into custody and interrogated is hard core
  15. Czech Full Member

    they were being thorough and cautious, and i understand this; fortunately this happened in a country where i am comfortable w/ the language.
  16. Blade_Jones

    Blade_Jones VIP: Prank Caller

    Time to pull up your weed plants.
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  17. Scott114 Full Member

    If the government wants to watch me good luck to them. They'll probably fall asleep.
  18. JumboWop Full Member

    The maned aviation world is real excited about this. Some douchey government worker flying a robot around . . . what could go wrong?

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